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  1. I have an ex boyfriend who has become a very good friend, and has recently undergone court ordered treatment and has gone to meetings at Narcotics anonymous. He has changed. Before the treatment, he was empathetic, tender, and in general a pure hearted good souled person. He would never want to hurt anyone-and now, he has become sarcastic, a cynic, and all around a different person. Is there any way to change him back to who he was? I don't want to make him automatically get angry at me and not listen, but I do not know the best way to tell him that he has become a worse person than he was. He has taken to listening to music with sad heart wrenching lyrics, and has become a more angry person. How can I help him???? I don't want him to turn into this!
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    Tell him. Explain it simply. Express yourself.
  3. wilddreamer

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    Be cool it's all cool.....

    tell him you need to speak to him and encourage him that the treatment has saved his life tell him he would see things much differetly with a positive attidtude it's almost life changing tell him you love the person he is and you just want him to be the best he can be dont be to pushie just take your time and if at that time if he dosen't take to what you are telling him just leave it alone but make sure you tell him "maybe now isn't a good time but we will need to speak about it soon"and let him know you wont be giving because you refuse to give up on him.. :)

    hopefully thsi will help life
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    I'd give him time, if he's going through withdrawl from any kind of drug it's only natural that he's going to be edgy.
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    everybody has different periods of his life...maybe he'll be alright soon, maybe he needs your help and you must talk to him about that...

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