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Discussion in 'Australia' started by leonidas16, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. leonidas16

    leonidas16 Member

    Hey, im 21, male, living in canada and want to move to australia. Im currently welding and have had done general contracting. I would like to live more in the city. i was looking at perth, brisbane and surfers paradise. I had two friends that went to surfers and they said it was awesome but rent was extremely expensive. id be going by myself with a good base of money to get myself started. I wouldnt mind living in a place where there is more younger ppl and not to many foreigners, ive read that some places are mostly chinese, muslim etc? not sure if this is true or not but id rather not be surrounded by people not quite like me lol not to be rude or anything but you catch my drift! so if anyone could help with decent places to live (decent weather, young ppl, not to expensive, right close to the beach) it would be much appreciated! thanks guys
  2. guy

    guy Senior Member

    the only way of knowing is by actually travelling around, you will very quickly catch on where good places to be and bad places to be are.

    use your eyes and you work things out quickly
  3. leonidas16

    leonidas16 Member

    great advice man, thanks alot
  4. MM18

    MM18 Member

    Avoid Perth as much as you can ... its a shit dump full of retards. It is the most isolated city in the world and it shows.
  5. homeless-joe

    homeless-joe Member

    Surfers isnt safe period. The whole of the GC is a bit off right now. The best place to live on the Gold Coast is brisbane ( pun intended )

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