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Discussion in 'The Orgasmic Experience' started by niyah92, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. niyah92

    niyah92 Guest

    Im 20 years old and ive only been having sex for 2 years. I have NEVER had an orgasm before. Also there is always pain when I first become penetrated but its fine afterwards. Im wondering if theres something wrong with me? 2 years with no orgasm really sucks
  2. O59

    O59 Guest

    A year ago I was the same as you... I could not orgasm with anyone not even myself. So I bought myself a vibrator and thought if this doesn't work nothing will. And it did! I was so relieved. After that I learnt to masturbate a lot better and I still haven't been able to quite do it but I've got so close. However a partner of mine did do it once. And I still find it really hard and it's not happened with him since. I think it's just practice. I get too nervous to use my vibrator with my partner as it puts too much pressure on me to cum and then I can't.
    I don't think there's anything wrong with you. Just practice and find out what you like and work at it. I now long using the shower to masturbate.
  3. niyah92

    niyah92 Guest

    that a really good idea i should try that!
  4. Joshoa

    Joshoa Member

    Never had an orgasm, not even through masturbation? Not likely anything wrong with you other then inexperienced. That i easy to overcome. :)

    Yes you could benefit from getting to know your body better and learning how to orgasm all by your self, then you will be able to help your lover understand what you need and what works for you. Practice, practice, practice...

    ... practice is its own reward. :)

    Don't focus on cumming so much, focus on enjoying yourself and what feels good. Relaxe, have fun, enjoy it, you will cum.

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