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Discussion in 'Fashion and Crafts' started by xslightlydazedx, May 24, 2004.

  1. ive found that people who use wax usually have alot nice looking dreads, but wax is looked down upon, anyone know why???. .. my girlfriend wants dreads and shes leaving for college and she said shes gonna do them then.. im thinking of buying her a wax kit... but everyone seems to bitch about how wax is fake and everything... any suggestions???
  2. my friend used wax when we did our dreadies... every now and then it would seep back out, it was gross. go to an ethnic store, they have stuff for dreads she could use. i used this alloe and coco butter mix stuff that i would gently rub on the outside now and then to get the frizzies down when i needed to look nice... not enough that it seeped into it though.

    wax isnt nessicary
  3. ArtistofPeace

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    Yeah, I wouldn't recommend a wax kit. I bought wax for my dreads, and used it once, that was it. Thank god I got it all out. What wax does is it gives the impression that your dreads are all nice and smooth...but in reality, it keeps the hair in the dreads from knotting. It holds the hair in place, but doesn't allow the hair to move around, which is what essentially knots dreads. So yeah, don't do the wax thing. It's a lot better for dreads if they're left alone to do their own thing and to knot up on their own. Also, drier hair knots faster, as opposed to hair that's all souped up with wax. Good luck with it...:)
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    I used regular hairwax which actually was kind of nasty, because it's a petrol based product. But I heard that the products of knottyboy are kind of good, their waxes are out of beeswax and hemp oil. And other then regular styling products, they don't keep your hair from knotting up.
    a thing you definetely could get her is a conditioner free shampoo, you can get those at healthfoodstores. Conditioners are the incrediants in regular shampoo that separates the hair, and keeps them from knotting, and we dread heads don't want that!! you should buy one containing teatree oil (I think that's what it's called)
  5. so whats that cocoa mix that works, so what should i do
  6. cerridwen

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    ... I'd go to a place where they actually make dreads for ya, just for your first time done, and get it done there. You'll get a better idea of what to do and how to do it, rather than improvising.

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