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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by forumdude2227, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. forumdude2227

    forumdude2227 Member

    Well there's this girl ive known for about a year and a half. She has liked me the whole time, and has tried to make so many moves on me, its pathetic. But ive noticed shes straying off a little. Well, My mom is friends with her mother, and we are having them over for dinner tommarow. Can I get some advice on how to make a move on her?
  2. I_love_jim

    I_love_jim Member

    Just get her alone. If you two have chemistry, something will probably happen.
  3. forumdude2227

    forumdude2227 Member

    I mean, it's not like "romantic" with her over, because she brings her little nephews over who are a huge annoyance.
  4. guybob1000

    guybob1000 Member

    If she really has liked you for as long as you say then you should be able to just kiss her straight up and she will go for it.

    Although she obviously wants a relationship with you and if you dont then i would consider not making a move.
  5. footloose

    footloose Member

    Question - if she's tried to make moves on you, which I assume means she hasn't gotten anywhere, why is it now (when she is stopping) that you want to make a move on her?

    Not judging here, just asking.
  6. forumdude2227

    forumdude2227 Member

    Good question, guess ive just started to like her.
  7. lilnat20

    lilnat20 Member

    maybe scared of being rejected by her....

    iiiii reckon spray aftershave on.... invite her to watch tv or something where you can be alone... chat giggle stand close anddddd go for the kiss andd then see if she pushes you away if not get on a date mr!!

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