help!-scopio guy likes me but is vindictive....

Discussion in 'Astrology' started by Adgreyga, Jan 7, 2005.

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    me a pices and this scorpio guy like each other (alot) hes 17, im 16 and he found out i like him from a mutual friend of ours.

    i felt he liked me b4 he found out (he would blow kisses @ me when i turned around) n when he did find out he told my friend he was goin 2 approah me - the guys were around and he turned red and didnt talk 2 me

    so we were both embarrassed and didnt speak for a couple of days, then he began to play hard 2 get by (this lasted 4 a whole week) coming up 2 me and my friend twice everyday but only talkin 2 her n purposly ignorin me

    it didnt bother me i knew he was playin but on 3 occasions when i tried 2 talk 2 him, he wasnt really letting me thro -a few times he would talk 2 me (when my friend would purposly leave me w/ him) but still nothing would happen

    so then after that, there was a few days of never seein him at all (exept for long, caustic hypnotizing stares of scorpios i hear a/b). early this week he tried to enter convos wit me in a group of ppl, but i'd move on to an alternate pool, away 4m the hurt that i was beginning 2 feel so very much but dyin 2 hide

    he has come around again now for the past few days, the most today, but completly ignoring me. like being very mean. i'd wave or say hi and hed pretend not to hear or see...then blow kisses at my friend w/ a big hug.

    he is really starting to hurt me, and i dont understand how things got 2 this at all, this has been goin on for i count 22 days n i feel he hates me till he traps me w/ his eyes

    - he is very aggressive (we have a soccer class 2gether n i see a bit of the scorpio short temper) i guess a typical scorpio so i thought that he wouldnt be the shy, hard 2 get type - is it me? what is his deal? how can i get threw/understand him??? or is it best 2 4get a/b it?
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    Pisces and Scorpio are like mixing dynamite with nitro glycerine. It's supposed to be a very good match sexual wise, but the Scorpio could be into S&M and can shut off the sex spigot out of spite.

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