HELP please. Rc or lsd?

Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by ConscioussFractal, May 16, 2013.

  1. So here's my situation. I've dosed around 6-7 times with 'acid' every time there has been a slight metallic taste. Nothing to prominent but noticeable none the less. Almost like a tingle/battery taste. So far they have been from 3 separate sources. All felt similar although my first couple of trips were definitely more intense..was probably that batch.
    My question is though if you can help identify if I am actually tripping on Lucy or if I've only ever experienced an rc of some sort. Effects of most recent blotter I've been getting are as followed: come up around 30-45 mins, energy/anxiety on the come up. Peaking usually by the 1 hour mark. I start noticing things out of the corner of my eye including the wavy/breathing in my sorroundings which eventually takes over my whole vision, I see vibrations in the air the outline/auras around the tops of trees. Color becomes brighter and in some cases kinda starts blending with another color..hard to describe. I lose the feeling of my body even being there and my senses feel like they kinda all blend in together. Textures become a river of patterns and the longer I focus on a spot the more intense the visuals get. My emotions seem to be on a roller coaster at times but for the majority of the trip I feel connected with my surrounding and a feeling of love and synchronicity. The peak from what I remember last around 3-5 and then gradually tapers off until around the 10-12 hr mark for the most part. Still feeling the thoughts racing through me until I can manage to fall asleep.
    The effects I'm describing are likely influenced by my last solo trip under a week ago, but I feel these effects were there on all of my other trips..some more noticeable then others. I would describe my trips with other batches from the other 2 sources, but what I'm really trying to figure out is if what my guy has currently and ready to buy anytime I want is actually acid. Someday I'd like to dose a ten strip and feel this information is definitely important when dealing with the risk involved. Also the backs of my recent blotters are a slight pinkish color. The blotters design has a lot of pinkish/orange and purple designs on it. Is it possible when they layed them the solute made the ink run to the back of the blotter. Kind of like if it were to rain on your homework done in pen.
    The other that concerns me is the time before last I took 2 swallowed them right away and took a 3rd one about 30mins later, keeping that one in my mouth for a couple minutes then swallowing. Smoking a++ bud the whole time during. Had no effects on me besides pupil dialation and very verrrry slight visuals. A little brighter colors and very slight movement. The last time I dosed all three at the same time holding them under my tounge for around 20-30mins while smoking some bud and before I knew it I was being sucked into the cosmos. I know lsd is active orally, but what exactly is the difference. The 3 that I swallowed I also had for a week in a house around 75 degrees in a not so much airtight container. How much could that effect this substance? The day I really tripped I took them as soon as I got home from my dealer.
    Any input would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the poor grammar. On my ipod so its a hassle already lol.
  2. Voyage

    Voyage Noam Sayin

    I'll just quote the things that cause me to think you had the nice stuff.

    Those things are classic LSD effects. I'd say with near certainty you're good :)

    Few comments: good on you to educate yourself. As for the 10 strip, ask him if he knows doses. If they are ~50 ug hits you're in for a nice ride. Even if they are the top notch-iest stuff that goes around, you won't be harmed by 2mg but, you def will never be quite the same :)

    Something you said about dosing, unless you redose very soon after initial, and def long before the peak, you're just wasting L.
    The metabolization of LSD is odd, it's out of your bloodstream within the first hour and once it's been metabolized, tolerance skyrockets and takes days to weeks to months to return to normal predose levels.
    Dose once.
    Dontknow about your degradation question, dont know how it was stored.
    General wisdom, no heat no light.

    What difference?

    L is orally active. No need to keep it in your mouth for 30 mins.
    If blotter, as soon as the paper is soaked, and sat there a few mins, its good. Doesnt have to be sublingual, buccal, etc.
    You can just swallow it and wouldn't be able to tell the diff.

    Yes, there's a lot about L thats unique. And congrats for being able to source the real deal. Treasure it. :)
  3. Thank you for the quick response man :). I can't find out how to quote on my ipod so ill just reply. Yes it's definitely always a good idea to gain knowledge no matter the subject IMO. Especially ones with risk involved. I'll be sure to ask. Well I probably didn't even have them in my mouth for 30 seconds the first time then dosed around 45 mins later. So just because it wasn't active doesn't mean it's automatically not lsd right? I stored them in my closet in a tin container in a plastic bag. The blotters themselves were in foil. But I'm afraid the warmth of the house (ac was broke and im in Tx) may have caused degration over the week I was storing it. Also, is my reasoning for the backs of the blotters being a slight pink probable? My question as for the difference between under the tounge and swallowing it is..does it last a little longer but doesn't come on as strong? That's what I've heard and it would support me not being able to really feel it the first time if combined with degration.
  4. Well not to say that all lsd is tasteless, because it can have a slight taste to it as well, being the paper or its kind. However, most times the chances of it being real LSD is slim. When a wave of "LSD" came around my area, it had the bitter and metallicy taste to it as well, all of us being fooled by the retarded drugs dealers, but this was a few years ago. After taking it for some time, my friend bought an LSD test kit, which later proved out to be not real, and instead we believe it to be 25i. I have taken both again, and without a doubt, the LSD was not real, but the research chemical.

    Real LSD generally never had a taste to me, and the effects were definitely distinguishable between the two drugs. LSD seemed cleaner, less forcible, if you will, more unpredictable. But after finding out about this LSD scandal and the recent deaths from the drug, I wonder if it's honestly worth taking.

    But to answer your question, chances are you are getting research chemical although do not take my word for I could be wrong. RC is A LOT cheaper to buy, especially in bulk. And because the effects are so similar, people can be tricked into buying it as LSD. Do your research and happy tripping out there :mickey:
  5. I appreciate you're input, but besides the metallic taste what else causes you to think its 25i? Many other more experienced users than myself have reported the taste in confirmed lsd. Would you be able to fit enough 25i on one 1/4'' blotter to trip face? We could be on opposite sides of the country. Not only that but it's about who you know of course.
  6. Yeah I hear you man. I don't have any proof, the metallic taste I'm almost positive it has to be RC, but the bitter, and I had just bitter, not metallic really, but that could be either of them. Not really sure, but they do sell those kits online. Perhaps you should give it a whirl!
  7. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    The affects you describe sound like LSD and having a slight metallic 'taste' is not uncommon. The only thing that I find suspect with your op is the trip where you dosed 2 hits orally +1 hit 30 mins later and only got slight affects while already smoking weed. Weak to inactive doses of LSD aren't unheard of but either way it raises suspicion.

    It's active in the microgram range, so enough could fit on a 1/4 blotter to trip on one.

    There has been variable reporting with the bitterness of the different nbomes, I most recently read 25d-nbome was significantly less bitter than 25i-nbome, so the ehrlich's testing kit may be a worthwhile investment if you plan on dropping acid frequently, particularly if you are drawing from different sources.
  8. Voyage

    Voyage Noam Sayin

    Good points about the bitter thing, Guer. Had forgotten both 25d and 25b i've read reports of being noticably less bitter than the others.
    The second i hear "metallic taste" tho, I immediately lean towards calling it LSD. I only remember one trip that was tasteless near as i could tell, every other trip that I called the real deal had that mild "copper penny-ish, tingly tongue" taste.

    It IS an acid after all...

    I missed whether the 2+1 hits trip was the SAME blotters as the other trips.

    If so, yes degradation maybe tho that seems a far stretch just being at warm indoor temps, out of light, for a week.

    Or, if they were diff, could have been mild 25ug hits, the kind people brag about doing 10 strips of, only to be doing 200ug in actuality.

    Thanks prohibition for keeping it all guesswork-no wonder decades later people still die from lack of accurate information about this stuff :(
  9. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    noticeably bitter = Excellent chance of RC

    metallic/tingly/lightly soapy taste/no taste = Excellent chance of LSD
  10. NoxiousGas

    NoxiousGas Old Fart

    Yes, when I saw "tingle/battery taste" I thought LSD.

    Back in my long gone youth, before RC's were even heard of except in Shulgin's circle of friends, every batch of liquid I was getting at the time gave that same sensation. It is more a sensation than taste. Very much like sticking a 9 volt on your tongue, though not as strong.

    Then all other indicators are mentioned. I think you can be confident that you got LSD.
  11. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    I think sensation is a more appropriate descriptor regarding the metallic/tingle sensations.

    I recall a friend who dosed 2ci in a capsule reporting a 'metallic taste' and I have experienced the sensation of what she was referring to on 2ci and to lesser extents on other chems as well and I understand the sensation with LSD too, but the fact I experienced it via a chem in a capsule makes me hesitant to associate it as a taste and as a defining quality of LSD at that.
  12. Thanks for all the replies guys, ill be doing some more research then ill be back with some answers hopefully. Tonight me and a few friends are all dosing. So maybe ill find out some more information on it tonight.

    But as for now. It was more of a sensation then a taste. Do the 2x's you mention with a less bitter taste match up with my description and duration of the trip? This guy also used to get liquid and from what I remember it 'taste' the same. Kind of a stinging tingle if a lot is taken. And can only really 'taste' it when I put it under my tongue and its there for a min or 2. Not when I first put it in my mouth. It's pretty much tasteless for the first part. Until i put it under my tongue. There is very little to any body load. No nausea except maybe a little on the come up. But that was only experienced with my friend and I dosing over 3-5. I suspect it was because of the sheer intensity of the come up.
  13. Also he gets it for like 600 a sheet as of now. He's got cheaper before, the guy above him gets it for around 550 he suspects. I've heard these research chems are a lot more cheap on the market, so would these prices match up at all?

    My relative location is the houston area if that helps. I know my dealer personally and he's not a guy to try and get over on people. He's not even in it for the money. He usually doesn't make all of his money back, and instead would rather spread the experience. Something I don't see would happen often with an rc. He's not a huge dealer or anything but he seems like he knows a lot of people in the trade. Also he's a pretty experienced user, and he's dosed on this blotter a few times himself. Not saying that's an automatic rule out of RC's but a good sign IMO. Hope this information helps shape some more input :) thanks guys.
  14. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    That response regarding my 2ci anecdote was directed towards Voyage, I wasn't suggesting anything regarding your op. 2cx's can't fit on blotters so it wouldn't be that, 25i and the other nbomes which can be dosed on blotters, are derivatives of the 2cx drugs though.

    Your trip sounds like LSD.
  15. Wow so I guess I was told vice versa. There's just too many RC to tell man.
  16. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    just an interesting thing to note. i have blotters that were sold to me as 25i + 25c-nbome. and they are the only blotters i ever remember having that pink coloration on the plain white side, with artwork on the other side.

    i'm sure it's just the ink or something like you said, as NBOMe powders aren't pink as far as i know :)
    but i've never noticed that on LSD blotters. but the number of blotters i've seen in my life is not that large.

    trip sounds like LSD to me. especially the mental aspects of it.

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