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    Ok, so me and a bro run this site ( for free, we have been running it for years now and it has grown popular in the area in which we live. However, we both have demanding jobs and now have no time to make shows for the site.
    If anybody would like to make shows for us then please email

    Here is what we are looking for:
    1) People who can make funny, quality TV shows
    2) The channel is rated pg-13 so you can swear and do all the shit you want
    3) The channel is called Beast TV, so it is for mainly guys and real men so make this shit funny for guys who are 18-30's, you know hot chicks, beer, the usual
    4) Do not post saying this is a stupid idea, i've been running it for a few years now and those 19 and 20 year olds who believe are the coolest people ever said the idea sucked, and then fell in love with the channel.

    And, I promise you that if you make the shows for us, then we will have more time to make this channel become incredibly popular.

    Again if you like making funny shows and stuff email,
    Thanks guys, peace

    ***Your location doesn't apply, all we need is for people with a video camera to make videos and then we have you upload them to a certain area...

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