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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by tmf, Mar 21, 2008.

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    Atmosphere: confusion, panic, uncertainty. Prophetic?

    Some family members and I were visiting what seemed a different country. For a short time I was alone inside this building, walking around empty halls. It seemed to be a swetshop, or some kind of boarding house for girls. I saw some of them scrubbing floors in one hallway, wet with sweat. At one point I went into a room with several beds where they slept. They were spread around the room singing a song or reciting a statement of loyalty. They seemed confined and indoctrinated.

    I was then back outside. I could see some of my family. I felt some tension around me and a few people were looking up. I noticed underneath the overcast clouds, darker fast moving clouds. Just at that moment, my dad called me on my cell phone. He was very urgent, almost paniced and I missed the first few words; something about something/someone coming. He was speaking too quickly to hear. And then he told me "Stay together. Stay together, whatever you do. Stay together." But as I hung up, I could see I was being left. While I was on the phone, we had been seperated. I felt scared, afraid, paniced and confused.

    But someone was reading a list of names loudly. I heard my name. I wasn't sure if I should look for my brother, but I went inside where the people on the list were gathering. I immediately saw my father and my brother. I was very relieved. I can't be sure if others in my family were there or who they were. I was focused on my dad and brother.

    In moments, very confused, we were put onto a tram or some kind of transport. As we traveled, I looked back up in the sky. Under the overcast grey sky, much darker clouds moved around quickly. They were in very definate shapes. Submarines at first. I pointed them out to other passengers who seemed unaware at first. After a moment of desbelief, everyone became nervous and very tense. The clouds had arranged themselves as if a city. I saw a capitol building of sorts. And clouds next to it like stadiums or arenas. These were stationary.

    when I looked back down from the sky, the surroundings had changed. First, I noticed my father was praying with my brother. I reached out and pulled him in to hug him and I began to pray furvently, thanking God repeatedly that my brother had been saved. As I began to look outside again, I saw advanced buildings and many many advanced helicopters and military vehicles. As though a major war or battle was comencing. Everything was advnced, but not futuristic or science fiction.

    The dream ended, still in the transport, before we reached a destination or understood why we were on that list.
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    A mini crisis is probably going to occur in your area (probably economic, like a plant closing, many homes going into bankruptcy, etc.) It doesn't just involve you but whole families.

    The grey clouds show that there is an uneasiness all around you but this will give way to quick deep depression (black clouds swirling).

    It'll pass. Be patient, strong and confident.

    Usually houses represent our mental states, so the sweat shop could be saying that you feel overworked and under appreciated. If so, then don't be surprised if the current economic uncertainty forces down sizing at your place of work.

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