help! my best friend has a boy problem..

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Internity, Jan 9, 2005.

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    ok, he's her ex who is 15 and she's 17 hes a dick but she likes him and she doesnlt know why and she wants a non imatture relationship..she still wants to go back out with him , but she hasnlt yewt cause him and i hate eachother and cause of the immature part, and someone who would take her places, and have a great time, and when she calls him and not always be up listening to the (crappy) music he listens to. and he doesnlt kiss with tounge...(she does..believe me. :H ) but , he's wanna be rapper guy(no offence to those who are...) and his attitude bugs me and he always calls her a ugly bitch when he doesnt get his way, he threatend her once (over something STUPID!) and talks behind her back, but the wierd part is , is she still likes him and he likes her. he ask her out all the time, and he like, uhm....gets a new g.f every time he gets turned down, ( ex: she broke up with him, 2 days later a new g.f, then broke up with her, (he says he cheated on her with my best friend and he kissed her with out her wanting him too, ) and then 2 hours later a new g,f (and then he tells his g.f he doesnt like my b,f but then tells her to her face ) and now the chic broke up with him, and he through all that time with the other chics he kept asking her out and he's the type who would cheat..) i dont knwowhy she still has feeling for him, but she does, and he has anger managment,...(which i think is a red flag) she doesntl knw if she should go back out with him, or find someone BETTER THEN HIS DUMB ASS..(hehe, im so mean,..:) ) please help immediatly before she make s the wrong choice, she already listend to me, but im starting to give in ....(i hope that doesntl make me a bad b,.f) thanks for reading this hella long letter.
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    this is stupid im sorry to say, you want our help to what? reassure you that your doing the right thing because your starting to "give in"? it is all up to your friend, it's her choice, but if this guy is such an ass and she is willing to listen to you then you already know what to do! just support her in staying away from this guy.

    in any case sounds like she likes the abuse it allows her to respect him, this is not healthy nor is it SAFE. i have a bad feeling she is going to fall for this type of guy more then once. it is probably based on self esteem issues so just support her and if she is going to listen to you then tell her not date abusive guys let her know she deserves more!

    Good luck

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