help me QUICK please.. need Bohtkah recipe

Discussion in 'Poland' started by jo_k_er_man, Mar 23, 2008.

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    im almost guarenteed thats not how its spell.. actually i know.. but i tried spelling phenetically... i need a recipe for bohtkahs.. polish potato dumplings... i have to do a traditional dinner for the polish heritage society and im not sure how to make them... my grandma always made the egg dumplings instead... also im told i have to make some sauerkraut and barley dish that involves brown sugar... any ideas about that? this is greatly appreciated
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    I know it's late. I think you're thinking of kopytka. It's potato mixed with flour dumped in boiling water. Sauerkraut is a good bet for a Polish pot luck. The barley dish, I think, is kutia.

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