Help me please I'm in Love with HIM?

Discussion in 'Bisexual' started by whazcooking, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. whazcooking

    whazcooking Member

    How do I know if another guy is interested in me and if he is BI or GAY? I catch this guy at work looking at me , when I look he quickly turns away. I check him out all the time what a hottie, I make it a point to look him up and make small talk, if he looks at me I don't look away I usually smile or just keep looking. I'm trying to let him know I'm interested in him. The other day he asked me if I was gay, jokingly I told him I was BI in which I am, but then, my idiot self whispered in his ear and told him I have kids what do you think, was this a mistake on my part? Should I tell him the truth that I am Bisexual and would love to get to know him better or not, I'm pretty sure he knows something is up, the way we look at each other? I want him bad he is exactly the picture perfect man that I want, am I being freaky or not, please help?
  2. meridianwest

    meridianwest Senior Member

    yeah, i think you made a little mistake there. you made it look like you were straight. while in itself it's understandable, a huge part of western culture can still be quite homophobic, but you made your own situation that much harder. if you weren't interested in him, it would have little importance. but you like him, you want to try to get something going with him. if you weren't comfortable with disclosing your sexuality you should've just brushed it off and left the answer open.

    if you like him, just try to advance your relationship with him little by little. ask him to grab a lunch/dinner with you sometimes, ask him if he wouldn't mind keeping you company one night, something casual. see where that goes. once you get to know him more you can reopen the subject.
  3. KewlDewd66

    KewlDewd66 Member

    Yup. BI is good. Kids? Not so good in this context. On the other hand, who knows? He may be turned on by the men he perceives to be straight?

    Do not dwell on this. Tell him to come over to your place. You have got some pizza & beer, and a new movie to watch. Pick it up from there...

  4. whazcooking

    whazcooking Member

    Thanks for the help. I'm going to try your advice from both of you. Being BI is so dang hard.
  5. KewlDewd66

    KewlDewd66 Member

    Nope. I used to be a practicing bi dude for 10 years. It worked like a charm. There was really nothing difficult about it, coz I quickly learned the ropes... Once your learning curve is over, you'll be having it easy, too.

  6. Rocco Master

    Rocco Master Guest

    Explain your love to him he will get you tell the truth ..
  7. desert-rat

    desert-rat Senior Member

    If he is bi or gay thats one thing , but if he is streght and another guy tells him he is interested in him it could create problems . A few streght guys would beat the crap out of another guy telling them there interested in them . I am a streght guy , if aother guy told me there were interested in me I would tell them no and leave it there .
  8. whazcooking

    whazcooking Member

    It only gets worse, Jacob the guy I told you all about quit work cause of these freaking idiots we work with. I found out he was interested in me and would like to get to know me better. Why do idiots out there think its so easy being BI or GAY. I wish these so called Christians could walk in our shoes for one day, they commit suicide. Just because I have gay and lesbian friends I get called queer, fag, dick sucker, butt fucker, bitches friend and butches friend. It never ends, that's why I'm going to therapy to put all this bullshit redneck stuff behind me. I love being bisexual cause I can give double the love to everyone.

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