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Discussion in 'Protest' started by Shatarag, Feb 10, 2009.

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    I drive by logging sights, paper mills, and stinking ass old cars with bumper stickers that say "Support The War!" everyday it breaks my heart and its humiliating to be apart of a species not mention a country, who are so ignorant to believe we know enough about religion and freedom to start a war over it....But..

    "I would like to call a protest against the government and state not to mention our wonderful citizens, and ask why a war on terror has not been issued against the catholic church and our own morals and values for their terror on our children and our world.

    Why is it so easy to see the good that needs to be done somewhere else?

    There are children dieing by the thousands right here, there are 16 year old girls having babies they are running the streets raising them selves younger and younger. Guess what "by the thousands".

    Why Do we have flags and bumper stickers supporting our great country and all its glory when it is so filthy inside?

    Why is the filth seen by us only cosmetic?

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