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Discussion in 'Old Hippies' started by greytimberwolf, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. we have a meeting this coming up Saturday with some elder sisters who had 500 acres and has sold a 100 hundred to three other family members, they are only interested in community minded folks and are willing to sale us the last 100 acres at $500.00 down and $200.00 a month, which i think is awesome.
    and to boot it's five miles on highway 23 south which is where eureka springs,ar
    gets 85% of it's tourism traffic from, so we get them before they hit town.
    that was one good thing yesterday.

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    the brother also builds web sites and great spirits land is under construction as well he bought us one of his domain spots, so here is the link-http://greatspirits

    him and others have been watching us grow and our efforts and are here to help out of love and faith in our work.
    the next thing is ,to organize a music festivals and he has offered to bring good bands as well as all sound and what ever help in other areas we need.
    the work is starting to pay off and the blessings are starting.
  2. just notified that we got the land and we go out this weekend and look the contract over and visit awhile.
    it's five miles out on south 23 of eureka springs,ar with a lot of frontage so now we can start the second phase of great spirits land.
    the community house out in front and a building for home schooling first.
    then the organic garden and stand or a little store
    then wild horse's for horse-in-camping
    then two eagles village of the artist
    then sunrise wolf sanctuary
    all this because now we can catch 85% of tourism.
    and a friend, a brother has a gift started us a nice web site and it is under construction with a domain but still under construction and it is nice and yes there is a link if asked for.
    peace and prayers, james

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