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Discussion in 'French' started by ALL22590, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. ALL22590

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    My crazy french teacher is making me cook!
    This could definitely be disasterous, but to add a little bit more drama, she gives me a recipe in french. I got most of it, but there is something about flan I just can not get my head around.

    "poudre à flan patissier à la vanille (achetée en supermarché)"
    Powdered vanilla flan? (purchase in supermarket)


    "Ajouter la préparation à flan pâtissier (soit la valeur d'1/2 litre de préparation terminée)."
    Add the prepared flan (something something 1/2 liter of preparation something....)
    It's one thing to test my french skills, but to combine them with my baking skills is just cruel.

    Can anyone tell me if I am understanding this right, and if I am could you tell me if it means like... add a liter of flan mix? I'm so lost... ):
  2. ShortyAH

    ShortyAH Member

    I don't realy understand the recipe but yes it's sound like this translated in english
    you probably have to take the preparation and put the powered vanilla flan in it but I don't know what is a flan it's an european recipe and i'm from quebec but it is probably like a cake
  3. Hred

    Hred Member

    Poudre a Flan is a powder you use to make your creams thicker, probably has another name in english, u can use corn starch and add some vanilla extract to your cream. You will probably have the same result.
    Try it.

  4. Poudre à flan is not some "sucre vanillé" ? (vanilling sugar)
    French always use sucre vanillé in cook !

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