Help for Suicide, 12/2012, please read

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    has a list of suicide hotlines around the world and

    are on-line forums that specialize in helping people who are feeling suicidal

    You can also post a thread in this or other forums. The mental health forum has fairly low traffic though, so it might take a while to get a response. Also, many people here don't have much experience in helping people who are suicidal, so it may be better to contact one of the dedicated suicide resources listed above.

    I'm not on HF that often these days, but you can feel free to PM me if you need support.

    Making a safety plan might help if you are feeling suicidal, or feel like you may be at risk for becoming suicidal.

    A safety plan helps you
    • Recognize when you're in a dangerous state
    • Reminds you of ways to get out of that state
    • If you share your safety plan with others who can support you, it can help them recognize that you're not safe, and it gives them some directions on how they can best help.
    In principle, you could even post your safety plan in a thread in the mental health forum, and put a link in your signature to it. Please note though that not everyone on HF will necessarily be supportive, so there is some risk of getting negative responses. You may just want to send a copy of your safety plan to close friends or relatives, or to members of the HF community that you are confident would be helpful.

    Ok, so here's a Safety Plan template that you can copy and try to fill in.

    When I am Becoming Unsafe

    Things I think or say to myself when I am becoming unsafe:

    Things I do or stop doing when I am in, or entering into an unsafe state:

    Signs that other people can look for that will warn them I am becoming unsafe or need help:

    How Other People Can Help When I do not Feel Safe

    Things that people can do or say that help me feel better, at least temporarily:

    Things that people might say or do, even if they mean well, but that make me feel worse:

    Useful phrases to remind me how to ask for help when I feel too bad to remember how:

    How I Can Help Myself When I do not Feel Safe

    Things that I enjoy when I don't feel so bad:

    Things that distract me or help me to stay calm:

    I am still alive. The reasons I have not chosen to kill myself before are:

    Good or positive things that other people think or say about me that are true:

    What I Can do when Peer Support or Self Care is Not Enough

    The crisis line number for my country/area is:
    (You can look up crisis hotlines in your country/area at

    Someone I can call who will help me to be safe is: (This can be a friend, family member, doctor, therapist, or emergency services.)

    Safety Box

    In addition to a safety plan, you might want to have safety box or safety file (digital or physical) that contains things that help you feel safe or that remind you of positive things. It could be pictures, objects, notes to yourself, post cards or letters, something that reminds you of someone that makes you feel safe, or really anything that makes you feel safe or feel good. Opening a safety box can be part of your safety plan.

    Plan Some Delays Into A Suicide Attempt

    If you pledge to write a suicide note that is at least 10 pages long, it might give you some time to think things over. If you are thinking of doing something as permanent and extreme as killing yourself, there ought to be at least 10 pages of reasons and explanations for you to write.
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    in my experience. those hot line are invasive, corrupt, one sided, tracking your location name ect where you wish to remain anonymous, 9 times out of 10 you cant. unless your calling from a prepaid, or payphone/ as well they are part time call center employees with very little training. Other than agree with the caller. Its a crap shoot. And just the thought of myself calling the VA ptsd hotline makes me wanna kill myself even more..:love:
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    this is what befrienders says about itself
    Key common principles of Member centres

    The primary purpose of centres is to provide emotional support to people who are suicidal, or in general distress.
    Centres are mainly resourced by volunteers.
    Anonymity and confidentiality are respected.

    I think that you could call a hotline and find that they either suck or are helpful. the value in a hotline is that someone may want to talk to a person on the phone rather than post something on-line

    I'm not aware of any evidence that hotlines track people. it would probably be expensive/illegal to do call tracing, and in any case, contrary to their stated objective of respecting confidentiality and anonymity

    the on-line forums might be better. more opportunity to communicate with more people.

    many of the government services for veterans are an embarrasment. not surprised if what they offer is no good
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    good artical
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    Death comes soon enough. Why rush it? I've seen people who live under the shadow of dark clouds nearly every day. For them I have no easy answer, only a reminder that it is a state of mind that holds them down, from which there is no easy escape.
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    I've never heard of the befreinder's site... thank you
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    I have suffered greatly from depression and being on the verge of suicide.
    The worst thing about depression is, it is very hard to recognise when you are in it.

    Depression is nothing more than repressed anger

    release the anger in a therapeutic way and you will be free of depression
    feeling suicidal is repressed anger directed at yourself
    release the anger therapeutically directing the blame away from yourself
    and you'll be free of suicidal feelings
    science and the medical profession will never come to this conclusion
    as they are not dealing with their own anger
    they are looking for answers on the outside of themselves
    when the inside reveals all

    a simple test for depression is
    sit in front of a large cushion and hit it with your fists with100% effort
    it is a very simple thing to do
    a five year old child could do this with ease
    but if you are suffering from depression
    this will be one of the most difficult things in the world to do
    your mind will make every excuse possible not to release the anger
    but releasing the anger is the easy part
    what is difficult, is going against all the excuses of the mind
    but just do it !
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    Another really old thread revived from posts 2012/2014.
    Please don’t ask me why!

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