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Discussion in 'Body Modification' started by huntaa91, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. huntaa91

    huntaa91 Member

    i drew this tattoo for myself while in canada, but i was only able to have the outlines done.
    it was originally designed to be just one colour - black. but i've since changed my mind and would like some other colours in it, i just have no idea what colours.

    here are the outlines on me:

    what colours and where should i get?
  2. pypes

    pypes Hot alien babes

    My brother won't let coloured ink anywhere near his body because he doesn't like the way it ages. I would personally get the whole thing done in blues / purples.
  3. addictedt0chaos

    addictedt0chaos Lunar Dreadlocks

    teals,purples, some brighter colours in there to make it pop, maybe some more black shading & detail

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