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Discussion in 'Genitalia' started by Katie88, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. Katie88

    Katie88 Member

    my boyfriends dick is bent downwards when hes hard. he gets bigger and hard when hes turned on but his penis pretty much stays in the same position as guys when they are soft. it doesnt bother me sexually but im curious, does anyone know what its from? like do you think he was born that way or something happened? id ask him but i sense its a touchy subject with him and dont want to embarrass him.
    sorry about the picture, i just wanted you guys to see what i was talking about cuz the description was kinda confusing.
  2. real_large

    real_large Member

    Hi Katie:

    Most dicks turn upward, but if you watch any porn at all you'll see them bending every which way. I'm a right-turner myself :)

    They deleted your photo, so I can't see what you're talking about. But I've read that if dicks really take a sharp curve, it might be caused by an old injury that created scar tissue. Your boyfriend may not even remember the injury, but as his dick grew the scar tissue made it turn downward.

    I can't believe I'm talking about dicks.

    As long as you get pleasure from it, who cares, right? I bet from behind is nice because he's probably hitting your G spot. But I bet he won't be hitting it in missionary position, since it turns down instead of up.

    OK. I better stop. I'm creeping myself out.
  3. Hilder

    Hilder The Ganja Queen

    why would you be embarrassed when talking of dicks, you have one, its o-tay to talk about. haha now if u were saying something homo-erotic, id understand. ur funny. as for the OP, it has alot to do with the way the muscles in his dick grew, like the guy above me said, it couls be coz of a scar, or just the way his muscles are made. does it hurt him if you pull it upward? if not, dont worry about it, every body is diffrent, just enjoy it.
  4. Cutted

    Cutted Cutted

    Katie - in a study I did in this forum, the largest group had erect penises curvin upwards, followed closely by those sticking straight out. Other penises bend to the left, and a small minority (5% or so for each) bend to the left or downward.

    A downward bend makes getting a g spot orgasm easier from the doggie style position.
  5. Bonkai

    Bonkai Later guys

    Does his penis shape/curve freak you out or are you just worried about him?
  6. PineMan

    PineMan Senior Member

    Being Bi I've experienced quite a few different penises first hand (so to speak), and the variety if shapes & sizes never ceases to amaze me.

    There is, more often than not, an upward curve - usually at a 45 - 60 degree angle to the horizontal. It is also quite common for there to be a bend to the left (with or without the upward curve as well).

    However, for some reason, I have found it very rare for a penis to curve to the right. I often wonder if this has anything to do with being left or right handed. I don't mean to imply by this that whether one masturbates with the left or right hand has anything to do with altering the way it curves, but simply curious if the genetic difference that makes one person left handed & another right handed would also affect the direction of the curvature.

    Real_Large - you mention that you are a right curver, which is, in my experience, a minority. Out of curiosity, are you by any chance also left handed?

    Personally, when my penis is fully erect it's absolutely straight, wth no trace of a curve, and stands out absolutely straight to the horizontal, with no upward or downward angle or curve.
  7. real_large

    real_large Member


    I am actually left-handed. I have always thought that the curve had a lot to do with that. But while I see your point of a possible genetic influence, I really think the left-handed masturbation thing you mentioned has some merit.

    During my "formative" years I seemed to have my left hand on it more times than not. As I (and it) grew, did my continual grip "wear it down" on the right side and give it the rightward bend? Sounds silly, but I think it's possible.

    Gotta be some kind of study on this.

    Now, what I would call "extreme" curves (a purely subjective term for which I have no baseline -- I just know it when I see it), has to be some sort of genetic thing, or as likely an injury.

    Wow, Katie, you've got me talking about dicks twice in one day! I'm starting to wonder if it might be time to get out of the house for awhile :)
  8. Hesh

    Hesh Member

    i saw the pic yesterday but was lost for words. the penis was curved down, not like stickin straight out with a down curve... it was like aiming straight down with a slight curve... like it would be when soft as in her description... like they said, it was probably an injury he got, maybe he fell on his shaft or maybe someone kicked him in his younger days...
  9. PineMan

    PineMan Senior Member

    To understand why the penis curves, I think you need to understand how the penis is structured.

    Many people seem to think that it is a single muscular type organ, but it is, in fact made up 3 seperate parts, laid out like a pyramid, with 2 at the bottom, with the urethra passing along the gap in between, and one on top - Just imagine 3 long ballons fastened together. It curves in much the same way as a thrmostat operates - on one side is a strip of copper, on the other a strip of zinc - as each expands & contracts at different rates, so the device starts to bend & completes the circuit.

    When one of sections of the penis is slightly smaller than the others, or with less cubic capacity for blood etc, then it will curve in that direction.
    Normally the top one is slightly smaller than the lower ones, thus causing the upward curve.

    If the left one is smaller, it will curve to the left. Likewise if the right one is smaller, then will curve to the right.

    If both the lower ones are smaller, then that will cause the downward curve.

    If they are all the same size (as with mine), the result will be no curve, and straight outward.

    I can say for certain that masturbation does not affect the curve whatsoever, as many of the friends I grew up with had curves on their penises years before they even knew about masturbation, and from other men I have been with who have had curved penises it has been the same with them in that the curce had always been there, although it only became really noticeable once they reached puberty & the size of the penis grew, this emphasising the curve that was already there.

    In a similar way, the testicles or never symettrical either - one always hangs lower than the other. This stops them from being constantly crushed together by the legs. In general, the right testicle hangs lower than the left, but apparently research has shown this to frequently be the opposite with left handers. This obviously has nothing to do with masturbation, so I would expect that the predominance of curavatures to the left in right handed men and curvatures to the right in left handed men to be caused by a similar genetical development.
  10. real_large

    real_large Member

    Thanks PineMan. Very educational. My theory is bunk, and I'll miss it. But that's what theories are for!

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