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Discussion in 'Health' started by eydis, May 18, 2007.

  1. eydis

    eydis Member

    i am in a real bad shape, my leg has got SO infected, it started ot with some mosqito bites and now it just looks HORRIBLE, i know i am gonna get a scar, doesnt matter, and I DONT WANT TO TAKE ANTIBIOTICS, NO FUCKIN WAY.
    i am in a hot and moist country in SE asia, so i would need some info about plants/flowers/roots/leaves that are available in asia. heard aloe is good for skin, but doesnt actually kill bacteria. I need something that kills bacteria, or even combined with drinking some herbal teas....
    limejuices hurts as hell, but i think it helps.... please help, nobody here understand me, its just antibiotics for them. i feel distressed and alone in this matter.
  2. eydis

    eydis Member

  3. Pharoah

    Pharoah Member

    Neem oil might help, I know I had a spider bite and it made the swelling go down alot. But I think Tea Tree would help with that as well. Good Luck!
  4. Magical Fire Lady

    Magical Fire Lady Senior Member

    Vitamin E? I don't really know but that helps some skin things.
  5. eydis

    eydis Member

    ok, it is slowly getting a bit better/.....
    done some research on the net, so here it is.....
    externally u can apply any of these, they are antibaterial:
    honey, papaya, coconut, garlic an onion, teatree oil, neem oil... and ....! then, guess what... haha, i know most of you folks are not ready for this. it's called UT, as in .....
    urine therapy!.... externally, pour some of your own urine on wounds actually HELPS. amazing.

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