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    Hi! I'm Marley, seventeen years of age. I found this site and it seems like there are many cool people on here! I'm from oregon. My interests include Music (Lots of music!) I play guitar and like to sing even thought it does not always come out like i'd like it to, I am interested in native american history and culture, I like psychadelic drugs, I love a good conversation. I'm a libra and an INFP myers briggs personality ( Only god knows if that means anything.) I'm attending community college and was studying music at first but then transferred to Anthropology. I'm working on fixing up my orange volkswagen bus named Sunshine. Once it's done my biggest dream (besides being successful in music..) is to drive around the states in the van! So yeah, I hope to meet some friendly people on here and have some good conversation! :2thumbsup:
  2. jimmyjoe1

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    Hi Marley,Welcome to HIP:ssmokeit:Enjoy :2thumbsup:
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    hello marley
  4. newbie-one

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    hello and welcome!
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