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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by MorningStar, May 17, 2004.

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    Today was a great day. The sun was warm and the birds danced in the air around my house. I find that being single again makes me appreciate all the little things in life that is so easy to overlook. From the marvelous blue mornings right before sunrise, to meeting new people. Sound to much like Snow White, then so be it. I am free now to be the person that I have learned to hide all these years, my divorce is final and nothing in this world will put me back in that cage. So hello to all and I hope you have an eventful day. ;)
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    Hello! I've never had an eventful day in my life, unless someone else did all the work. But maybe I'll try tomorrow. Or pay someone.

    Have a good time here! Welcome!
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    I'm glad you are soooo happy. I am presently stuck in a cage, but will be getting out sometime this summer. YAY!
    Somedays i feel positive and at one w/ mother earth, and somedays i just can't seem to find that place. Things will be better for me soon.
    Your post makes me optimistic! [​IMG]
    Hope you like the forums. I love them so far. People here are so nice.
    Have a happy tuesday! :)

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