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Discussion in 'Psychic' started by cateyes209, May 28, 2004.

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    Well Old Crone, it's been quite a while since I've been back. The site is different but I still get the same old comforting feeling when I came back here. I've really missed being on the forum. Been going through some changes, as is the daily routine, but I was drawn back here tonight again. There has been a lot of death surrounding me lately and I've been questioning why. I don't feel to be in any danger or anyone close to me; there is just an innate feeling of change around me. I guess it comes with my sign as it deals with sex, transformation and death. Can you tell me what my guides and the old lady have been up to lately? Also, there was a very sad occurence that happened last night and tonight my dog was staring at the ceiling of my son's room and the living room while barking and acting very anxious. He's still doing it occasionally. Was wondering if the two might be connected. I too have felt very disconnected in some ways lately. Any thoughts?

    Good to be back

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    Hi Cat

    Just reflections of our own internal process. The more you seek understanding and meaning the more you tend to wade through all ther attachments around and in you. Each one around you and your own internal space are asking what you are doing for yourself. Are you being true to your heart and just how much emotional attachments is clouding the view. We each draw the lessons, and experiences we need to see our selves from a perspective that leaves us no doubt or excuses. Here we need to search out our own choices and energy to find why we ask for this or that experience and or lesson. When we can embrace each without running away we can then choose if we wish to grow with awareness and or strength inside the vulnerability or fall apart and die a thousand deaths before we still have to face ourselves.

    Life is what we make of it so you can become one with the wholeness and grow in spirit, center, and truth embracing CHANGE because that is the only constant we have or we can feel tossed like a ship at sea. Know your own heart and soul and walk in your own sense of self and peace. Sometimes the reflection will ask us if we are sure but until we face these things we will never know who we are.

    So your guides are just walking with you and helping you embrace you, your choices, and your own center and being true to yourself. Your dog is just reminding you that all the emotions, howling and need is just part of the path and as big or small as you make them.

    Death is change. Change is life and we live and die a million different ways. The beauty is we are energy and growing within the movements of our own experiences. So embrace the lessons not the emotions and walk with a love for who you are in this moment knowing the next moment will ask are you sure you want to be whole. You choose. Love is that way and in this there is no seperations.

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