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  1. I am exactly as my name implies. I am a hillbilly who is also a hippie. I have a fondness for vw westfalias, the grateful dead and other psychedelic rock bands ( although I listen to all music) I believe in protecting the environment, and some day wish to build my very own low impact underground home( hobbit hole if you will). I support gay rights,and am against racism, although I do associate with people who at times can be prejudice, hoping that my good vibes will rub off on them and make them not racist (its happened before). I believe in world peace, but I know that sometimes words do not work, most of the times they can , but I know when some thugs threatening to shoot me if I don't give him my wallet, words aint gonna work, thats when I have to use my gun.
    I am a fan for less government. I am a libertarian, meaning I do not support the democratic or republican parties although I may vote for the lesser evil of a particular election. I feel that the socialist left and socialist right have taken over those parties, but at the same time not every member of that party is bad. Liberalism now in my opinion has become a bunch of pc bull crap. They claim to be for freedom of speech and all that, but want to take away our rights given to us by whatever made us (enter god, diety, godess or parents name here)
    I am a big supporter of second amendment rights, as they are necessary for a free state. Everyone likes to say it could never happen, but it does happen all the time,and I can't consciously rule out that we may be invaded by a foreign country, or some other type of totalitarian government. It is also the right of the people to defend themselves. Criminals do not care about laws, so I must be equally armed. meaning, don't take away my "assault weapons" when half of the time they are not even assault weapons, because they are semi automatic. If someone decides to do a drive by on my house ( and it can happen in suburbs, its just less likely, you never know.) they will be using full auto "assault weapons" and some people may want me to be unarmed, or not equally armed, tell me what is a .22 pistol gonna do against their guns. That is why I need my assault weapon sir. Might I remind you of the pursuit of happiness as well. I am not harming myself, or others. My guns make me happy, I will not force you to own a gun, but you should not force me to hand over my guns. That is how I feel on the subject.
    I am a rather peaceful person but I will only take so much. I enjoy hunting and feel that for the better of animals, it is my duty to curve the population with my hunting. We as humans have eliminated many of the natural predators, and I find it much more humane to kill an animal humanely, and use it for the nourishment of my body then to have it starve, or overpopulate to where it gets hit by cars and such. And as for people who say thats not right its inhumane for it to die like that....ever hear a coyote kill a baby rabbit...my bullet is much more humane. I am a proud omnivore
    Once I am 20 years old and off my adhd medications I plan on joining the US military so that I can help promote peace (in a relative sense i know sometimes the military does some fudged up stuff, but it also does protect a lot of people and promote peace) Most likely in the airforce.
    The legalization of marijuana is something I fully support, as it is proven to be less dangerous then alcohol and tobacco. I smoke pipe tobacco as well.
    I am a writer but all my stories , poems, and books i had written on a previous computer were destroyed when my old laptop broke, and until I get a new one (sharing motheres) I will not be able to write much. If I think of anything else I will post another post. Feel free to ask any other questions.:daisy:
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    Welcome to hip :)
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  4. Thank you for the warm welcome you two ^_^

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