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Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by furball666, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. furball666

    furball666 Member

    just wanted to make a stupid thread i am kinda bored here been here for umm 9 days i think.. nederweed is so strong.. 1 gram is like 5-10 hits for me (i am thankful for low tolerans)
    havent realy been to many coffeeshops since i am alone and i dont like to smoke alone very much plus i dont like very much to talk to random stoned americans in a coffeeshop , but thats just me.. i am staying at zeeburg camping 8e a night great prices if youve got some questions i am happy to answer if i know.. btw anyone know where the A-markt is?? i found it somewhere near albert guyp straat but i forgot to put in me map cause i was to stoned but was like dutch version of lidl super cheap food like 30c 2l juice for example. i like the turkish part of town cause i am poor and its cheap.. and you get the real doners heavens what overpriced small shit they give you at the central.. any suggestions in what i should do i'll be here for allmost 2 weeks till 28.06. cool relaxcing city grate weather tchau yeah any quoestions in this thread
  2. furball666

    furball666 Member

    will do a double post since i am lazy all net cafees here in oost and zeeburg (turkish part of town) 1e per hour i once saw one with 1,50e hour.. great price some even have mirc.. will be happy to know cheap grocery places i know alberthejn since thats what i mostly use and little turkish places.. where could i get a cheap blanket?
  3. VegasPat

    VegasPat Member

    Dude you sound depressed and as if you can't wait to get back home...are you kidding me? :(

    What happened to your buddy that was travelling with you? As far as "talking to random stoned Americans" what's wrong with starting a conversation fellow stoners? :eek:

    For the most part people are people wherever you are. Get out of your funk and enjoy yourself...young travellers are generally pretty cool with each other...challenge yourself during your trip...this could be such a great experience.

    Good luck...I'm over in just a few days and can't wait...I can barely sleep I'm so excited. :D

  4. furball666

    furball666 Member

    dont worry i am not depressed just bit bored sometimes my buddy got scared and decided not to go.. i realy liked amsterdam zoo lots of cool animals and psychedelic pidgeons.
  5. VegasPat

    VegasPat Member

    Sitting in an internet cafe here in Dublin...off to AMS tomorrow thank Goodness...man do these people drink!!! I think I started shaking this morning just thinking about goingto another pub...looking soooo forward to having a chill out in the Dam.

    What's a psychedelic pigeon?

    I hope you're well.

  6. koopa

    koopa De Kuil Krue Hipster

    hope you have a great time pat.....atleast a better one than the op
  7. islandgurl

    islandgurl Banned

    Wish me a great time too, koop I'm going back in a month lolol I just can't stay away. Actually, one nice thing about being friendly is the people you meet and I get to stay on a locals houseboat (one I met while there) for NOTHING (although I'll do SOMETHING) and my brother is buying my ticket for my birthday so I'M SET!!!!! I get to go needing only spending money WOOOOOHOOOOOOO talk about FUN. I'm so excited it's like the first time all over again, only better 'cuz it won't cost as much and having a local as friend is awesome!
    *~cheshire cat grin~* My sweet A'dam is calling me back home already and I've only been back for less than a month...I'm looking at going the end of July yayayayayay :D

  8. furball666

    furball666 Member

    btw they sometimes actualy do something about smoking cannabis in the central at night (i find it funny that there is restriction on rld of all places..)

    great city :D i feel so relaxed and fullfilled after these 3 weeks tomorrow back home.. well atleast ill get to use a real bed for a change =)

    i find it realy funny how nice cops are in here general you can just pretty much anything from them. oh and you can still get dryed shrooms if you ask little off the mainstreets

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