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Discussion in 'DMT' started by Craig Michael Vandertie, Sep 26, 2020.

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    Being that I an hoping to indulge in the use of DMT but have never delighted in the interdimensional trip it takes one on I guess this is the appropriate forum to express myself.

    I had been a member of DMT World but every time I attempt to sign into my account I am informed that the E-mail address is not of acceptable format.

    Tried to set up new account with them same thing inappropriate E-mail address.

    My grievance with the members was what I do know about mind altering drugs is the best way to get them to your brain is inhaling them in their gaseous form, so I asked how to do that in the most efficient way, unless you use a waterproof sealant on all your walls and around your windows the thought of brain cell eating mold spores always comes to mind and BiPap system might be a suggestion, but every question I posed in regards as how to acquire free if not high grade DMT at a reasonable price and how to start on that multidimensional trip the best advice I could get was to research the topic on my own.

    I thought a forum for people involved in the use of mind altering drugs particularly Psychedelics was to answer questions that an individual is ignorant to the answer of.

    If I do not get some genuinely beneficial advice soon, I will either close out this account or stop logging in and write it up as yet another waste of my energy and miserable experience.
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    Good afternoon Craig matey and welcome .
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    Commercial Natural sources of DMT include Mimosa Hostilis and Psychotria Viridia. The former used to be easily attainable online, then law dissuaded many ethnobotanical vendors from selling it, although I believe it's still technically legal.

    As far as equipment, The Machine is generally regarded as one of the best ways to vape DMT.
    The Machine - DMT-Nexus Wiki

    I always used The Sandwich Method, where I used a Bubbler and placed a layer of inert herbs in the bowl first to prevent the DMT from falling or getting sucked into the chamber, then the DMT on top, then another layer of inert herbs on top of the DMT so there wasn't a direct flame on the DMT. The reasons for not wanting a flame directly on the DMT are two-fold: 1) Burnt DMT becomes harsh smoke 2) DMT breaks down at fairly low temps relative to most other things smoked. Even with my method in place I always dosed a +10 mgs of my intended dose to accommodate for those variables.

    I hope that helps, I have not smoked DMT for the better half of a decade, so that's about as much info as I can provide.
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    we luv drugs


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