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Discussion in 'Other Drugs' started by MagnanimityMan, Jan 22, 2005.

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    ahh =) last night was my first dxm trip in about maybe a year. it was so beautiful =). me and dxm have quite a past... and i remembered why =)). it's absolutely my favorite. these words aren't expressing it well enough =P.
    12/19/73 livedead show, several nice nugs of some beautiful bud, and some pure dxm, probably 800mgs.
    it always starts with the bed completely flipping over, from the legs on up over, and i'm thrown on in.
    me and my 2 friends had such a great time, such great conversation afterwards. i love my friends so much. i love iwuegfbnkwugfbnekghwoe8rghewrg,msfeng fucking everything. god damn =))))) GOD!? love.
    how could a government want to keep people from finding such love, healing themselves, growing, learning???
    i love you all so much. peace.

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