Heavens Gate

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by JJ DIAMOND, Aug 16, 2005.


    JJ DIAMOND Member

    I look up into the sky
    The clouds are moving graciously
    Suddenly the suns rays start flickering
    A awesome bright light beams down
    A beautiful being shines through the light
    Joy, peace, kindness and love flowing through him
    Like a never ending stream
    It's the Lord, Savior and King
    Glory to the King of Israel
    I fall to my knees and praise Him
    He touches my head and leads me to paradise
    He spreads out His arms and shows me His kingdom
    City's of gold, crystal waters, vegetation
    For as far as the eye can see
    Suddenly I hear a loud burst of thunder
    I wake up from my dream
    Wondering am I worthy for paradise
    Are you worthy, prepair a place in your heart for Him
    After all He prepaired a place for you.

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