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  1. Hi everyone.

    I've been with my girlfriend for a year now and have a few doubts about our sex life. We have a long distance relationship for the time being, but see each other every other weekend or so. For the first three or four months we both had high sex drives, each of us would initiate sexual intimacy and all was good. More recently however, things have become a little stale. I always seem to be the one to initiate sex, and often my girlfriend will seem to have little interest until we actually get to the sex part. There seems to be less spark and its almost as if we are going through the motions... (Just realising how bleak it sounds writing this, agh!) Often my girlfriend will say she feels ugly or fat, and this seems to impact on her sex drive. She's beautiful and I tell her this often. I tried talking to her about this and she said this always happens to her in relationships, she has a crazy initial sex drive but then she becomes less interested, she seems to a
    Have accepted that this is how all relationships are and finds the idea of old couples having sex weird?!?! Obviously, I want to change her opinion. She has told me I'm the only guy to make her orgasm during sex, and I always make sure I please her. She definitely enjoys sex when we have it. I've attempted to talk to her about sexual fantasies and what she prefers/doesn't like, but she just says that I'm doing fine as things are. If I try to change positions and switch things up she feels exposed and shy, and with oral sex I get the same reaction....though she's fine pleasing me in this way. I want to drive her wild and have fun, but I'm not being given the chance. Any ideas on what I can do?

    Edit: we are both in our 20's by the way.
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    See if she's willing to let you blind fold her & then she wont see where your hands are going to touch her or what part of her body your looking at.
    That's one suggestion.

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