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Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by chickabean, May 11, 2004.

  1. chickabean

    chickabean Senior Member

    im a veggie, i want to have a healthy balanced diet but dont wana eat fish and im allergic to nuts! any food tips for an oddball like myself, dont wana be depriving my body of nutrients or protein or whatever!!

    love luchi xxx
  2. veinglory

    veinglory Member

    The only thing likely to be a problem is getting complete proteins. You can solve this by eating eggs and dairy products, or correct combinations of vegetables (e.g. grains and legumes together). Personally I find that as a vege not vegan I get enough from diary/eggs and products containing them. As for mineral and nutrients, you probably get plenty of most of them. What foods do you mainly eat?
  3. chickabean

    chickabean Senior Member

    thanks :)
    i mainly eat pasta/rice based meals either with creamy dairy sauces or vegetable sauces...i dont drink milk, so i guess my main dairy intake is cheese of which i eat tons!! (im an addict ;) ) i guess im just gona have to get over it and bump up my dairy intake...raaa.milk is yucky :( its not that i mind dairy porducts i just find it hard to buy them coz im not that well off and only really want to buy ethiclaly, ethical, organic, vegetarian cheeses and yoghurts unfortunately cost a fortune.
    i eat pasta more than anythin else and various soups aswell, roasted veggies ermm...i duno! i eat lots of marmite! thats good for me right?!!

    love luchi xxx
  4. veinglory

    veinglory Member

    Marmite is great for the B vitamins, I am a vegemite girl myself ;)
  5. Butterflygal

    Butterflygal Member

    If you're so concerned, why not take vitiamins for vegetarians?
  6. veinglory

    veinglory Member

    For a non-vegan with any kind of variation in her diet, they would be a waste of money in my opinion. Also the vitamins in many of those suppliments are provided in non-digestable forms -- I suspect their main market is the concerned parents of newly vege teens. Only my opinion of course, but the best source of vits and nutes is a good diet, which also helps with fibre, water, cholesterol control and all those other things..
  7. fi_J

    fi_J Member

    if you can't eat nuts, can you eat seeds? 2 tbsps of seeds or nuts is a full serving... what about sunflower seeds (raw or dry roasted), sesame seeds... or almonds (not a nut... comes from the plum/peach/cherry family). can't think of any others right now. of course, there is the possibility you could be allergic to all of those, but not necessarily.

    also, for vegetarians, i'd suggest not relying on dairy for protein, although it will give you other important nutrients... along with saturated fats (which you don't need in quantity) and lactose (a sugar many of us are sensitive to without even knowing it).

    and i agree with someone else's post, legumes and grains combined are a great source of protein and all kinds of nutrients. so many different beans to try... and of course tofu can be used in all kinds of dishes. and grains should be whole... try to find a wholewheat pasta... try to find bread made from stone-ground flour. in general, less processed is better for you!

    just a thought!
  8. wow astro ~ great post! I completly agree. My family si from the mid west ( meat & potaos) and they still beleive that calcium ONLY comes from milk.
    Why do people have such a hard time realizing that veggies have more calcium then milk! Or protein from that matter .
  9. chickabean

    chickabean Senior Member

    thanks for all your be honest i dont think i will be increasing my dairy intake as i really find it difficult to drink milk...sounds really dumb but ever since i was young ive had a 'thing' where i physically cannot drink a glass of milk. if a bottle of milk is left out of the fridge for just a few minutes then i wont just it and if the lid has been off for over 30 secinds it seriously freaks me out!! hahaaa...sounds crazy i know but when i look at milk i just think things are living in it, breeding and stuff and if air touches milk (ie when the lid is off) i view it as contaminated!! haa, oh man i sound like such a muppet :eek: i also feel this to some extent with other dairy products especially yoghurt which in my eyes is festering with things. i have drunk milk at some points in my youth but had to swiftly wash it down with water to get all traces of it out of my mouth.

    another thing, i saw on gmtv the other morning( fabulous program :) ) a discussion on prepacked salds and 'perfect' fruit. it really annoyed me!! apparently bags of prewashed sald from the highstreet supermarkets get washed in chlorine over 20 times as strong as that found in a swimming pool! grrrrrrr... just for the convenience of not having to wash ur own leaves. its crazy. i would prefer to find soil and worms on my salad than eat chlorinated leaves.
    they were also talkign about the desire for fruit perfection and how most supermarkest only sell pefect looking apples etc. they actually have machines in the countries wehere the fruit is harvested that the fruit goes through to suss out whether its perfect or not. and were not taling whetehr its not ripe or healthy or whatever were talking, does this cox have enough pink blush on its pale green base?!!! ludicrous. it was reported that a third of all apple and pear crops at the particlaur company they visited was thrown away for not looking good enough. that is so shocking dont you think?


    love luchi xxx
  10. Sunburst

    Sunburst Fairy

    North Americans actually get 2-3 times as much protien as they need. As long as you eat a varied diet (ie: not one thing every day forever), you'll get as much as you need most of the time. The thigns you need to worry about are calcium (which you can get in soy-milk, vitamin pills, etc.), and vitamin B12 (So Good soymilk has 50% of what you need per day in 1 cup)....

    Other than that, welcome to a lowfat, lowrisk lifestyle my friend:)
  11. You should just take vitamens... You can buy the good ones at herbal stores

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