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Discussion in 'Health' started by kilted2000, Dec 31, 2004.

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    Does anyone know of a easy to understand health book about how to eat right. I have the urge just not the knowledge. It would be great if it could be for college people like me who are short of money and places to buy healthy foods.
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    merry met, kilted. i'd say looking for a book that explains "how to eat right" might be rather challenging, because there are so many ways of eating. are you interested in whole foods, vegan, raw food, macrobiotics...?

    for general nutritional information, the best resource i know is laurel's kitchen. it's actually a whole foods vegetarian cookbook, but contains some of the best, most up-to-date, general nutritional information available. this book was recommended to us by our daughter's pediatrician (who is not vegetarian herself) as what she considers to be the best, most thorough book on nutrition. get a recent addition, becuase they update the nutrition section every few years. the edition i have is a little old (second hand) but has nonetheless proved useful. it's written by laurel robertson, carol flinders, and brian rupenthal, and is published by 10 speed press. you can probably find it just about anywhere; i first discovered it in my college library.

    there is a cheaper version of laurel's kitchen called laurel's kitchen recipes, that i found useful as a flat-broke college student, but it's just the recipes; it leaves out all the nutritional information, which, i gather, is what you're looking for.

    i have a book called the nutrition almanac, which is a good general resource on nutrition. books by anderw weil are also good.
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    Nourishing traditions by sally fallon. :D This book is a cookbook and an information book. it covers Traditional foods and teaches how to prepare foods to avoid antinutrients and to obtain the most beneficial properties from the foods that you're eating. It's based on the lifetime work of Weston Price, a anthropological dentist who studied the diet and health of traditional cultures around the world and through the ages. nourishing traditions teaches ancient nutritional wisdom that is backed up by recent scientific study.

    be well

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