Head over Heels.

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Sunnie, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. Sunnie

    Sunnie Jes-Jes

    I've just started healing a broken heart a few weeks ago, and I planned on being single for quite awhile. I just couldn't deal with being hurt again.
    But I guess fate had something else in store for me.
    I met someone. He's absolutely amazing, and thinks the same of me. I've never felt this strongly for anyone ever, and even though we've only known each other for about a month I know for certain that me and him are meant to be together at this point in time.
    It's actually very scary to me,falling completely head over heels in love with someone and yet I am also very apprehensive about being in a relationship. But I know he's worth the risk of getting hurt. No words can ever articulate how greatly I feel for this man.

    My brain is still skeptical about falling in love with someone so quickly. I've never felt this way before. But in my heart I know that it is right. We fit together.
    Is it possible to fall in love with someone so quickly? I don't see why not. Amazing things happen everyday. I just never knew something this amazing would ever happen to me.
  2. fee

    fee Member

    I am glad to hear it
    I hope this happens to me
  3. Sunnie

    Sunnie Jes-Jes

    Being happy.
    And being happy with someone are two completely different things. I never realised until now.
    It's a great feeling to know you have someone special to share your happiness with.
  4. Super_Grrl

    Super_Grrl Crazy love

    Sunnie, that's amazing what you're experiencing. It sounds beautiful and wonderful. :)
  5. FallenFairy

    FallenFairy Senior Member

    I am so happy for you. Yes it is possible to fall in love so quickly.
  6. sassure

    sassure Member

    Yes, it's possible, and when it happens, go with it as far as it will take you. Your destiny may have been preparing you for this all along, and there may be a good reason too. Figure out that reason, and you will find a happiness that eludes most people.....

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