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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by SageDreamer, Jan 5, 2005.

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    I woke up from this dream absolutely frightened. I dreamed I was riding in a car late at night with a friend of mine. All of a sudden, the car stalled. We found a city bus parked on the street, so my friend and I got in.

    At first, I thought my friend and I were just going to pay our fare and go to our houses. Instead, the bus was empty so my friend decided to steal the bus. In waking life, this isn't like him at all. We pulled down a side street, and all of a sudden I heard the siren of a police car. The police were chasing us. They caught us and I was arrested.

    Does this dream mean anything? I can't help but feel like there's something going on by the way I was so frightened when I woke up.
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    just look on to where the dream has brought you, and fully embrace what you have found with the help of your friend, the driver, the police and your own judging mind ... who are all caring just each in their own way.

    Imagine that you have created all of the adventure, including the scared feelings when you woke. So now, send your friend good energy so that he may find a way out of the situation he feels stalled with and trapped in. Appreciate the police for being watchful. Honour the missing driver as he just took a time out, asking you to take things at your own responsibility, and let go what is not yours to carry. Appreciate them all and tell them they have done a good job and that this was right what you have been looking out for. They all are part of your experience. But then you are part of theirs as well, so you can change the outcome.

    There are the prison cells of guilt feelings, and there are the stepping stones that take you beyond your own self any time. The dreams do not end when we wake, they too just change their outcome. The challenge is to not forget we are energy, and in this not limited to find what is truly ours to create, and be.

    Thank you for sharing your experience ... well now I hope this makes a bit sense.

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