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  1. I did hbwr seeds last friday night. I took about 5 around 6:30 after dinner, which was a mistake. I ended up not feeling a damn thing until at least 1 in the morning when it hit me like a ton of bricks. I can't even put into words the way I felt, but it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. My friends that tried them with me saw me laying there and looking off into space and said I looked really happy. I really enjoyed myself, but I feel like I never completely came all the way down again. Its been about a week and I still feel really good, but I feel like it has changed who I am. I think I would do them again, but not for a long time. They really are so much more powerful than I thought they would be. I think they might have helped me sort out some issues I've been dealing with, but I think they might have also ended up hurting me a little. I have just lost the motivation to do work, and am finding it really easy to waste the day away by just sitting there and thinking about things to myself. My perception of time seems to be a little messed up too, but I am confident that everything will go away if I just give it enough time. I've had this type of problem with certain other drugs in the past and I think its just my mind can't handle being in these other states. But these seeds have helped me and I would recommend them to others who want to explore.
  2. I am now back to normal.
  3. Yeah those seeds are remarkably amazing for something that you can purchase legally. Definetly up there for legal highs, providing you do them right.

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