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Discussion in 'Hippies' started by ZombieLambent, May 28, 2007.

  1. ZombieLambent

    ZombieLambent Member

    about the bill Bush supposidly passed on May 9? I havent....nothing reliable at least. Only the drunken rambelings of a conspiracy theorist.
    he said that Bush passed a bill (somehow with out the media finding out about it) that would let him stay in power if something drastic happened to America. The deffinition of drastic was very vauge, anything from a 'terrorist' attack to a stock market crash...basicly anything that affected Americas economy. N it would let him stay in power untill HE thought america was back to 'normality'
    im not sure i believe it. but he seemed convinced that it was true.

    have ya heard anything about it?

    n i know this should probably be in the politics form.
    but it wont let me.
    im not cool enought.
    so there.
  2. Thats crap and impossible. It simply could not happen. I'm not just saying that out of disbeleif, it really couldn't. Everyone would have to agree on the bill, we don't have a dictator, even if it does sometimes seem that way.
  3. ZombieLambent

    ZombieLambent Member

    thats what i said.

    but alot of things can happen in the name of national security that seemed imposible at one point.

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