Have you ever had sex for money?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Just for fun, Sep 28, 2018.

  1. Renn

    Renn Members

    Yes, with women on a few occasions. A couple of my buddies do strip parties and I’ve tagged a long before. I was just there helping out making change and picking up money etc., etc. The women just propositioned me and I went with it.
  2. SexiLexi

    SexiLexi Members

    I needed quick cash. Lost my job and then shortly after my husband. A friend of my husband owned a Gentlemen's Club. I went and would dance a few times. Meet a well groomed handsome man that offered big bucks. He slipped me his business card in the front of my lace panties. Patted my pussy and walked off. For two weeks I sat on that thought. 3 kids. Widow wife. I was lost. I felt trapped. And I’ve always had a high sex drive. So, I said fuck it. I’ll try it. I called him. Meet up with his and two of his “employees”. More like body guards to me. He said for the beginning I make Saturday nights available. Find a babysitter. Get on birth control. But I didn’t need that. I had my tubes taken out. I was to be called on every Friday with the details of Saturday night. Both these “Employees” where to asset me. Lie I said body guards. But first. I was to strip for all three. Then I was to suck them off so they know what their offering to their clients. I basically became a high class escort but underground. This guy wasn’t associated with anything except his own company. Once I sucked all three men off. I gave it everything. Face fucked myself. Gagged. Got really into it and messy. They where ready for round two. So I was fucked by all 3. Afterward I was told to leave and He’d be in touch. Then threw me $250. That was just for them. I was to make double that for the following Saturday. Only catch was he took 35%. I got the rest. More guys. The more money. Girls paid more. Well tipped more. All tips where mine to keep. So the first Saturday was with 2 guys. They paid $500. But I took home $400 after I guess my new boss cut. Then the guys threw me a tip.
    That make you feel better now “Just-for-fun”?
  3. Just for fun

    Just for fun Live your best life

    Your story was practically equal to my wife in her early 20's in Las Vegas. She is so proud of that time in her life and so am I. I absolutely love free thinking, and free acting people that have a free spirit. I like you too Lexi.
  4. lapush

    lapush Members

    No money. I was asked to help a couple conseive by people at work.
  5. Just for fun

    Just for fun Live your best life

    I was at a lady's house one night and we were in her bed. I looked at the clock and said I need to go to work. Long story short she gave me what I would have been paid and I stayed in her bed. I guess that is being paid for sex or maybe just some needed companionship.
  6. starfield03

    starfield03 Members

    I haven't and wouldn't. I have no problem with people wanting to engage in those transactions, but it's a turnoff for me.
  7. Just for fun

    Just for fun Live your best life

    It's the world's oldest profession, deemed bad by the religions.
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  8. SexiLexi

    SexiLexi Members

    I still encounter it... idk if I’ll be able to stop. The sex and money...
  9. Joshua Van

    Joshua Van JoshuaMN

    we need to get rid of the religious puritan crap if you want to trade sex for anything its your body no one should be able to tell you what to do with it
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  10. el demente

    el demente Members

    Swing by the South sometimes and get a taste of the 6' rule.

    It means entertainers at adult-oriented businesses may not dance totally nude, must stay at least 6 feet from patrons, and must have a county-issued permit. It also means a total ban on alcohol possession, sale, purchase or consumption thereof at adult-oriented businesses.
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  11. Romper

    Romper Super Member Lifetime Supporter

    I started seeing a girl once who had been a cam girl, back when that first started. She made good money, but worked 8 to 9 hours a day at her day job and had a daily roundtrip commute of almost 3 hours. So, she cut way back on the cam girl duties, and eventually stopped altogether. One day she told me about an email she received from one of her super fans from her cam girl days. He was going to be in this country on a business/pleasure trip and wanted to see her in person and maybe get an in person show from her. She and I discussed it and decided to give him not only a cam type show, but to also have sex with each other while he watched (she's an ultra exhibitionist). She told him what he would be getting and that it would be $500 for a two hour show. She told him he could watch, but couldn't fuck her or even touch her sexually as she was a cam girl and not a prostitute. He agreed.

    After he agreed to the terms, we discussed what would be included in the show and our sex session. It turns out she was OK with him touching her as he was cute and she liked him, but thought I might not like it. It didn't bother me a bit, so we included that in our repertoire. I also told her she could touch him if she wanted. We had things planned out in advance so that each of us was comfortable with what would happen.

    As the appointed hour drew close, she was nervous. I made her a double screwdriver to calm her down. She drank about 1/2 of it on the way to the hotel and took the rest of it inside with her. Once in the room, the guy handed her an envelope which she put in her purse. Then she stripped down naked. That calmed her down, and she concentrated on her show. She started with spreading her legs and playing with her clit and G-spot. Then she moved over to him and started giving him a slow lap dance while he was fondling her breasts. She wanted to give him his money's worth. After she felt he was suitably aroused, she took off his pants and briefs; he sprang out at full attention. She lay down on the bed, and I showed him how she liked to have her pussy played with. While he did the foreplay on her lower unit, I kissed her and massaged her breasts.

    With two guys working on her sexually, it didn't take her long to be ready for penetration. She had me lie on my back, directed our guy to the head of the bed, then she got on top of me and achieved penetration with us at an angle on the bed. He was playing with her hanging breast while he stroked himself. Then she took over the stroking for him. She was getting very aroused, and I wasn't sure where this was headed. Our guy had a pretty good idea as he pulled his shirt up and away from his cock. I knew then that she was going to take him to completion. With her doing the honors, it didn't take him long to spurt. Out shot load after load on her fingers, her hand and on his shaft and balls. When he was finished, he handed her several tissues which she used to clean both of them.

    With that out of the way, she was able to concentrate on her own pleasure, and had a nice orgasm within minutes, as did I. I let the guy do clean up on my girl and we said our thank yous and our goodbyes. All of us were satisfied, and my girl was $600 better off than she had been earlier in the day, as the guy gave her a nice tip. I let her keep all of the $600 as I was just there as a prop. Plus, I found it very arousing to watch her jack him off and to have him watch as we had sex. Later, when I told her she had crossed the line into prostitution, she said she didn't care, and for money like that for 2 hours of work, she would do a different guy every day of the week. We never had an opportunity to do it for money again, but enjoined it immensely the time we did it.
  12. curiousfellow

    curiousfellow Members

    LOL.....just as well, I guess, cuz by the time it would have been over and done with, you would have owned that racquet!
  13. hippiemom420

    hippiemom420 Members

    Same for me. I was young... needed the money... and loved the experience.
  14. curiousfellow

    curiousfellow Members

    So, you're saying that he owns them now, eh? Your boobs, I mean!
  15. Romper

    Romper Super Member Lifetime Supporter

    This is a great story. Would like to hear more of your adventures. My girlfriend who had been a stripper/escort had some great stories too.
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  16. curiousfellow

    curiousfellow Members

    Nothing like being honest...
  17. Alonso376

    Alonso376 Members

    Maybe sometimes. No, a penis moulding kit from Ann Summers. Basically an exact replica of my cock. Often get horny when she brings it up in conversation and says where it goes. Lol.
  18. curiousfellow

    curiousfellow Members

    Yes he did and you got grocery money out of the deal, as well as enjoying it to some extent or am I wrong about that?
    It's been said that if you just walk up to a hundred women and say.....would you like to fuck....that you'll at least get a positive response from one of them.
    Gonna depend on who you pick for asking too, or I would imagine so....
  19. curiousfellow

    curiousfellow Members

    Must have been his thing, eh?
    And especially when there's that much flesh for initiating it.
    So, was this just through your cleavage or were you topless for this event?
    Anyone else there to witness it, for an extra turn on?

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