Have YOU Ever Been NUDE iN PUBLiC like inside this thread?.. or would like to?..

Discussion in 'Bare It!' started by MervyPervy, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. MervyPervy

    MervyPervy Member

    Please remove your clothes on entry of this thread.. thank you, now doesn't that feel much better?..

    Have YOU Been NUDE iN PUBLiC? (apart from virtually in this thread).. or would like to go nude in public?..
    ..do you fantasize about it?.. or is it a natural expression of soul cleansing freedom?..

    I got thinking when I was watching the World NUDE Watch Videos of girls walking down city streets completely naked, and guys doing sports nude, and it excited my imagination of what one could do naked, where one could go naked & with whom one could go naked in public with..

    ..and watching the expressions of the families walking past the naked people, all very interseting. I'm still as fascinated with nudity as I was when I was a young boy!..

    ..please share your thoughts here.. [​IMG] NUDE is COOL
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  2. farmout

    farmout All who wander arent lost Lifetime Supporter

    We live on a farm, nearest neighbor are over half a mile away. So needless to say, we never wear clothes when its warm. And inside our house, the same goes. Most all of our neighbors also shed their clothes in warm weather. When we are in the pool or hot-tubs, clothing is Not an option.
    To us its a totally natural part of our lives, not sexual in anyway.
    Peaceful thoughts to you... Farmout :)
  3. I go nude at the local beaches around here. I've also gone nude at the World Naked Bike Ride, Dore Alley, and Folsom events in San Francisco. I've gone with other nude friends. It's a lot of fun being on the street totally naked.
  4. NatureBoy93

    NatureBoy93 Member

    do you live in america shanbel?
  5. mrpwonder

    mrpwonder Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I'm always nude in my yard. Alos go hiking nude and been a nude protest.
  6. Dario Western

    Dario Western Member

    I live in a nudist household, though it's too cold to nude up where I am at the moment. We have a spa, pool, and a nice secluded backyard which is ideal for nudist functions (we're having one in September next month).
  7. Psychadelik

    Psychadelik Member

    I'm always nude in my house (when no one is home), sometimes out in my backyard, i change clothes in mall parking lots, and I'm always up for streaking. I streaked a college party once...i ran around the entire complex! Haha it was liberating :D
  8. chuckf2000

    chuckf2000 Member

    I like being naked at home and in the back yard. I wouldn't mind being naked at the beach or even in public if it was warm.

    Edit: I like going out at night and sitting on my front porch when there's a cool breeze or hot night. I like my freedom too much to do it during the day, and besides, I'd probably get rotten tomatoes thrown at me.

    Edit: Edit: I know, I'm bumping all these old threads you forgot about up to the top again. Sorry, I just like to participate. :)
  9. Booga

    Booga Member

    Not me. According to my state's criminal code, anyone who exposes himself has committed a sex crime, and has to register as a sex offender. As much as I love being naked (and if I'm honest, being seen naked), I love living life as a full-fledged free citizen even more.

    That said, I did enjoy late night skinny-dips in my apartment complex swimming pool. But lately they've started locking the gates at ten.
  10. salmon4me

    salmon4me Senior Member

    Taking a piss in public can get you on the sex offender list.
  11. Booga

    Booga Member

    Yet another pleasure that prudence compels me to forego. :(
  12. moongazer

    moongazer Member

    yeah, i've walked around nude ouside late at night around my old apartment building. i've been topless outside countless times,too. it's fun!
  13. I tend to smoke naked in my backyard most nights. Other then that? no public nudity.

    Moon -- wish there were some far out chicks like you at my school, etc. Too many people (younger people) dislike nudity, etc...its just not cool, but its refreshing to here people 16,17, etc. who are down like that.
  14. moongazer

    moongazer Member

    haha thanks, brother!
    i've always loved the human body. the shape of a woman is beautiful to me, and the male body is so mysterious and sexy.
    why be ashamed of nudity? are we ashamed when we undress to shower? are we ashamed when we get changed in the morning?
    it's only because we're in front of people, and the man has us scared of being arrested for something stupid.
    peopleneed to shake that mentality and bare all!
  15. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    i agree with you moongazer, but the original poster, merv the perv is the kinda sexualy repressed type who could really benifit from spending a few years around csual nudity
  16. moongazer

    moongazer Member

    reperssed? like he hasnt been around it much?
  17. Booga

    Booga Member

    Maybe we're thinking of two completely different people, but from what I can tell, "repressed" is the word that describes Merv least well.
  18. MervyPervy

    MervyPervy Member

    me too farmer, nothin like driving a tractor naked to check the mail box:jester:
  19. bOlivia

    bOlivia Member

    I'm originally form Sweden so it's kind of cold to take your clothes off, but it has happened in the summer... Outside of the mall and on my way home, your skin NEEDS to breath..!

    Aaanyway what I wanted to say was that I made a nice transfer to Holland and the windows here are huge so I hope ppl standing across teh big road waiting to rent some movies will toss their money at me instead....i need it........yeah

    Is nudity considerad ugly? :S
  20. bOlivia

    bOlivia Member

    isn't it all really strange...

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