Have to live another 50 years to see a Wooly Mammoth!

Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by Aerianne, Jul 31, 2013.

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    One the problems facing scientist is global warming. Areas where they are searching for mammoth DNA is thawing to quickly.. making it useless. :( Still would only be 1/2 a mammoth 1/2 elephant, I know they can gm the nuclei to be more mammoth, but the Womb will not except it should it be to foreign..
  3. slappysquirrel

    slappysquirrel Senior Member

    i seen something on this a long time ago,, that they eventually could make one to be almost pure mammoth, but it would have to be like generation 4 or something of the clones.
  4. falconer

    falconer Member

    They could just clone one with viable genetic material. They'll just use an elephant ova with it's own genetic material removed. No hybrids, pure mammoth. It wouldnt act quite like a mammoth though, not without mammoth parents to teach it any mammoth learned behavior.

    Perhaps there are isolated populations still surviving in remote regions of Siberia? I recall reading about 4000 year old remains (tusks or bones or something) being found on a siberian island. Maybe im mistaken.
  5. cool I'm going to be 66 then
  6. *MAMA*

    *MAMA* Perfectly Imperfect

    So awesome! Although I don't think I'll live to be 77.
  7. LetLovinTakeHold

    LetLovinTakeHold Cuz it will if you let it

    What would they do with the mammoths that they clone? Put them in a cage for display? Zoo? Release them into the wild with the possibility of disrupting the current ecosystem?
  8. Asmodean

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    Eat them. Yummie, just like in the old days :D
  9. scratcho

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    If I was in the 8th grade and someone said that to me--- my reply would be "I gotcher wooly mammoth right heah!!" But since I'm old I would never say--------oh.
  10. Lynnbrown

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    I wonder how many cloned animals (and probably humans) are already here.

    Since we are aware of Dolly, I can't help but think there were lots before her and many since.

    It didn't take E. Snowden to make me realize (know) that "regular citizens" are not aware of every little thing that goes on here in the USA...much less in the world.
  11. Mike Suicide

    Mike Suicide Sweet and Tender Hooligan

    those animals are extinct for a reason. didnt any of them see jurassic park.
  12. *MAMA*

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  13. slappysquirrel

    slappysquirrel Senior Member

    they only went extinct a couple thousand years ago,, why not release them back into the wild
  14. scratcho

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    Somewhere--hidden ---there are some horrible mixed-up creatures that will never see the light of day,as it were. If humans CAN do it --they do it.
  15. Lynnbrown

    Lynnbrown Firecracker

    ^ That is exactly the way I see it.

    There are just too many scientists/geneticists to think the regulated scientific world that reports everything they are doing is keeping up with everybody on that fringe.

    (I hope that ^ is as easy to understand as I think it is. :p)
  16. scratcho

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    Dr Moreau lives---somewhere.
  17. I dont think its that much of a jump to create and artificial womb, just fluid, temp control and then a few problems to figure out. Not in our life time but within 500 years i would nt be surprised. Then we would get 100% woolly mammoth.

    Then of course their is the why, we dont seem to give that much of a shit about endangered species now. China puts a lot of effort into Pandas, but they are cute. Not much efforts going to be put into resurrecting prehistoric slugs
  18. slappysquirrel

    slappysquirrel Senior Member

    and china eats tigers,, they think their bones are aphrodisiacs
  19. Tyrsonswood

    Tyrsonswood Senior Moment

    Isn't this what that Tiger 1 Human 0 thread is all about?

    Anyways... Send in the clones.... :2thumbsup:

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