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    by Garfield N. Morgan

    Hate kills and hate destroys;
    Monuments and cities.
    Hate burns to ash, a thousnad joys,
    And of friends, makes enemies.

    Hate's a furnace with passion fed;
    A shackled soul with anger bribed;
    The slavemaster of men long dead,
    And of men who are now alive.

    Hate's the hell within the human mind,
    Bearing nought but sorrow;
    Fuelled by words and deeds unkind,
    And piercing like an arrow.

    Hate is the weed that chokes Love's flowers,
    In the gardens where they grow,
    And the voice that fetters reason,
    Saying: "No, no, no."
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    I love your facility with rhyme. You're good at it. What would I change? I'd harness your ability to gather fresh images by expanding them. Now and then stay with an idea and give it a larger circle. 'Hate burns to ash a thousand joys' is a good example. You could easily use that fourth line to extend the metaphor instead of moving onto something new. Just an idea.

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