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  1. smiley420

    smiley420 Member

    hey stoner's ok..... now i have looked-up all the best coffie shop's in Amsterdam anybody have any fav.'s? any place i should check out? im really lookin' to find some great Hash.


    Look out for these favourites and most popular for the best Hash & Marijuana.
    1. Any of the 3 Greenhouses (personal Favourite, the one near Hemp museum)
    2. Tweede Kamer
    3. Dampkring
    4. Grey Area
  3. smiley420

    smiley420 Member

    thanx nemisis those coffie shop's is already on my list of place's to go but ya thanx again peace


    No Problems
    but if your into banging trance, get some weed elsewhere and have one in Baba.
  5. mafuman

    mafuman Banned

    banging trance? now you got my attention. say some more. details, baby, details.


    Baba is very small but smack bang in the centre near the unashamed tourist trap called Grasshopper. Baba has a good electric vibe made even better with good loud trance music. It's always difficult to get a seat but worth a visit especially if you get a window seat to watch all the passing tourists. Never bought weed there though.
    Another trance based coffee shop is called 222, which is even smaller with live DJ's mixing. It's a bit clique but worth a short visit if your on a coffee shop tour. I can never get enough trance music when I'm smoking pot in A'dam...........
  7. mafuman

    mafuman Banned

    Every time i go to amsterdam i pick up some trance music. That stuff is the best for on the subway on the way to work. High.
  8. bigloui96

    bigloui96 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Trance music is pretty good, I started listening to it because of my mums Chillout CDs.. there was one very good trance track, from then on I have kept my ears open for good trance tunes. What do you recomend? I like stuff like Robert Miles, Chicane (can be a bit too 'dancey') etc.... though like all trance.
    What you guys rekon?
  9. mafuman

    mafuman Banned

    i am no expert but i like dj tiestos stuff. sometimes its dancy sometimes its way trancy. as i am but a mere dabbler i sometimes simply buy compilation cds and then perhaps get a cd from an artist who i liked on it. it seems to me that the dutch got a lockdown on the good trance.

    Nemisis: my brother brought me a british maxim and all they talk about is 'chavs' what the hell is that?


    ''NOOM'' record label has a fantastic trance vibe (vinyl only)
    Good trance should be non-vocal, hypnotising and deep, energising with spacey breaks and then mixed by morphing seamlessly into another tune.


    chavs is probably someone new on the DJ set, no idea.
    I love the music but don't go clubbing anymore, did it all years ago.
    Some of the best DJ's in the world come from UK, for some reason.
    Dutch is good so is some German for the hard stuff.
  12. mafuman

    mafuman Banned

    i dont know, i kinda like the "hot girl with the cool accent mumbling sweet nothings over the dance beat" trance music too.


    Your quite right. The stuff that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up.
  14. bigloui96

    bigloui96 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    May just be me but those hot girls mumbling sweet nothings always seem to mumble them in French... or is that just the stuff I listen to?
  15. jennifericous

    jennifericous Member

    my best word of advice for anyone hoping to buy some good weed in amsterdam, is to hop on the train and head out of amsterdam to buy your weed. its a tourist trap, and although i love to smoke my pot there, your getting ripped off! i alwasy get the train to Haarlem (about 15 mins by train)and head to willie wortels its right by the train station. i usually buy a 50 euro bag of some of the finest weed you can get. its about half the price of in amsterdam. but otherwise, i like the weed in barneys a little over priced but the stella blue is delicious. also Kingston near the police station sells very reasonable and loveley K2. but i didnt hang around there long, just bought my weed and left, its a bit ghetto for me! enjoy!!!!!
  16. London Mod

    London Mod Member

    The Doors is a cool place
    La Tertulia
    Kashmir Lounge

    are a couple of my favourites

    For hash you have to try Bushdoctor.
    His bubble & Ice hash are second to none.
    A gram of Blueberry Bubble is about €25 a bit steep I know but you have to remember you get what you pay for
  17. dmgreen

    dmgreen ~Hugz 4 All~

    Ok, I just got back from the Dam and here are my Fav's:
    1. Abraxas (Fun, and alot of people to talk to (Good weed menu))
    2. Barney's (Very friendly and great food!)
    3. Baba (Load Techo music!!! crowded)
    4. Dampkring (Beautiful place, nice people, good smoke)
    5. The grasshopper (relaxing, nice place to just chill)
    Goo luck! You'll have a blast!!!!!!
  18. F Z

    F Z Member

    I've never been but hope to someday, however I know people who do/have go/gone. Three "Coffee Houses" always come up during their conversations....

    Amnesia-Herengracht 133 1015 BG Amsterdam (Jordaan)

    Basjoe-Kloveniersburgwal {Red light district...Woo Hoo!!!)

    Ballonetje-Roetersstraat 12 1018 WD Amsterdam

    I've seen pictures and heard many wonderful stories about Amnesia it seems to be their favorite "Coffee House" chill in.

    Mind you these guys are strictly head and like these places becouse the sell the best Organic weed and hash.

    The also talk of the Grey Area, which I see you heard of, The only problem is the Grey area Is extremely small, it's a grab it and go Shop unless you're lucky enough to find a table.

    As far as these guys are concerned The Grey Area and Amnesia sell the best weed and hash. They also concider these two to be the 2 more interesting "Coffee Houses" to see.


    1 Amnesia .........best hasj
    2 Coffeeshop Life...in Beverwijk......Haken and Serdal are cool tell em OHD sent ya
    3 Abraxas.......try the Hawiiaian Haze and Elephant
    4 Dolphins.........Renee is such a nice guy
    5 Willie Wortells.........in Haarlem..........the one near the train station
    6 The Old Church........upstairs in winter......outside in summer
    7 Barnies
    8 Gray Area......John and Steave always have goed shit
    9 Pink Floyd's
    10 Hunters..........they just remolded looks cool and they got good ice hasj
    11 Dampkring
    12 Siberie
    13 Rokerij............the one near the Doors
    14 Paradox
    ooops guess I got carried away

    Later Man OHD
  20. KansasCity

    KansasCity Member

    Old Hippie Dave,

    Is there a dramatic price difference for hash and smoke at Willie Wortels compared to the better shops in Amsterdam? We'll probably go to Haarlem at least once just for the sightseeing, but might make it a point to "stock up" while there if the smoke and hash is really cheaper in Haarlem as jennifericuous wrote above.

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