Has this forum helped any you?

Discussion in 'Philosophy and Religion' started by Foxhound, Aug 30, 2005.

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    Is it just me, or do any of you believe Religion is constantly becoming more complicated instead of resulting in something that is helpful or positive to people?
    The only thing people can agree on about Religion is that nobody has all of the right answers to our questions, but a lot of people think they do.

    Positive thinking will only get you so far with Religion dilemma's and I didn't know if the 'Gurus' of this site would recommend the hipforums.com P&R forum to a young adult that is looking for others who are interested in making Religion easier for people to understand our differences. Most of the sites that discuss Religion are usually full of people that want to debate specific phrases and argue about who is right or wrong.

    How about you guys, has participatins in this forum turned into a good thing or a waste of time?

    I believe in God for the most part, but I was wondering if that means I am supposed to be like most people who believe that God and human beings are just living here temporarily since God sent us here from somewhere else.
    It's difficult to get people to agree on anything lately, and it would be cool to find a group that is interested in making Religion easier instead of adding to the complication. Is this a constructive website or just another place to discuss Religion where people are argueing and making it worse?
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    Trouble is that there isn't any such animal as 'religion'. There are different religions with different views, and also, some who think we need to go beyond religion, or have a new religion etc.
    Given that situation, it's not surprising that some lively discussion, and often argument arises here in the forums, as everywhere else.
    If you try to propose to people a simplification of their beliefs or views, they will often as not insist on all the little details of their particular belief, which are quite different from the details of another's belief. In such a situation it's not easy to simplify things.

    Is this forum a waste of time? Not in particular, but there are limitations. I doubt anyone for example has ever been converted to a new belief as a result of reading something in here. But it could well help people to expand the range of their thinking - they may encounter new ideas here, or challenges to their accepted beliefs.
  3. Colours

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    i think its helped confuse me, as well. There are so many belief systems, so many possible, intriguing explanations... I plan on obtaining some acid one day so i can finally choose one :p
  4. Sage-Phoenix

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    LOL :)

    You're meant to wander around a bit and get all confused (would worry if you didn't). Whether you find this place of use depends on your attitude going in, and exactly what you're after. In your own personal search you really are on your own.

    This to be a great place to meet and bounce ideas of other people. Ordinarily I wouldn't have the oppotunity to talk to people with such diverse beilefs and really get to listen to them. Have learnt to listen, understand, debate, humility and tolerance.
    There's also a sense of detachment so you don't take it all too personally.

    It's human nature to be complex and debate. Religion isn't a one size fits all. We are all such individuals. That is the beauty of life and conversation. Embrace it, there's bound to be something that makes sense.

    Good luck in your search :)
  5. TrippinBTM

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    I mostly agree. Though all in all, sitting around on a computer discussing religion, rather than living life or PRACTICING my spirituality...well, I'd say all in all this is mostly a waste of time. Just another human diversion. It is fun though. :)
  6. Love_N_it

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    I agree that it is an important part of what has created our spirits, to have a wondering mind. Nothing in our lives would feel special or precious if we believed that all things were certain, you know... being lost is not a very good feeling, but I believe our spirits would rather live everyday searching than have to accept that we are part of some routine 'process'. Sometimes the most insignificant discovery can make a person's day, or cause them to stop for a while to appreciate what they have found.

    Your right, there's bound to be something that makes sense, altho' I don't believe anything should ever be so complex that it causes humans to kill each other over their differences in an 'alien' God that has ordered his followers to remove themselves from their natural state of existence. At this point, it should be obvious that if there is a supernatural all powerfull 'physical creation' that has the ability to create, control and manipulate any and everything that takes place on this Earth,
    IT does not like us.

    And it's not as if someone could say that we are experiencing this because of something we have done wrong, or have not done right. It is obvious that nothing is in control.

    Ohh, that's definitely debatable.
    More than 800 people, mostly women and children, died today in a human stampede while travelling to a religious ceremony. The atmosphere between the Shiite and Sunni's is so intense, they are scared to death of each other and live in constant terror of each other, living on the run from suicide bombers. They are both Muslim, both Islamic, but they are killing each other in a very gruesome way because of their petty difference over 'specific details' concerning the Quran and Allah. That's worse than animalistic, it's like religion has turned them into monsters.

    Yeah, we need to do that very soon.... go beyond this turmoil and have something new. But that would involve everybody accepting that none of us were 100% right, and that may never happen eventho' it is blatantly obvious that something is very wrong.

    It's never easy to turn a complicated issue into something simplistic, the only time that every happens is when everybody is sick and tired of being stuck in the same situation and they are all willing to move, in this case it would be as simple as everybody coming off of the 'position', or where they have made up their mind.

    "I plan on obtaining some acid one day so i can finally choose one"

    If you think eating acid is going to help you decide what you believe in, believe this...it's just going to open your mind to the billions of other possibilities and make it harder for you to accept what you are told to believe. Especially when religion is far from one of the beautiful possibilities we have to keep our minds 'amused'. If you get some good acid share it responsibily in a safe environment with a couple of your friends, and definitely don't anticipate any discoveries inside of the many belief systems we are offered. Look forward to laughing and don't be scared of the dark side of the moon, it's quite comfy there.


    Wow! that's the first time I've seen a image of God!
    Mother and Father, Heaven and Earth, Man and Woman. That's awesome TrippinBTM.

    I can't understand why we need to believe some 'thing' from outer space had to create us, just because we all want to believe, or cannot deny the spirit of God.
    And now we want more than this world's got to offer.

    "Has this forum helped any you?"

    Yes, it's helped me come to the conclusion that we are not created from "intelligent design", we are a miracle of life that doesn't need anything to achieve eternal life other than what is available here.
    I believe I can prove that also.
    I believe throughout my post here that I already have.
    Nothing in existence could be more understanding of others while also carrying the burden that I have for this many years... without breaking or trying to hurt somebody else. And I know I am, in body mind and spirit, a child of this Earth.
    Eventho' it appears that I do not have a 'breaking point'.

    Ya'll be good to each other, and try to help anybody you have the opportunity to, I promise it will make you feel better.
    That's what I'm going to do as well, all of my family is in La. about 40 miles north of Babylon, and it is not going to be a safe place for them before I can get there. I'll be gone for a long while.

    You came here to look for a reason, and I hope after you read this, there are no other questions or doubts about P&R that you need to get back "online" to look for.

  7. IronGoth

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    It's helped me somewhat - "Cat Stevens" has done some great work in informing me about Islam (via PM)
  8. Jedi

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    You know some people watch T.V. for fun, some go out and play, but a few also use this thing called a computer to amuse themselves. For some, they find comfort in seeing likeminded people.
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    this has helped me alot, it has alowed me to have acces to new ideas, opening my mind and its just flat out interesting
  10. feministhippy

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    Has this forum helped me? I guess it depends. Half the time, it's just a waste of time, and all you end up finding here is pointless and annoying shouting between pushy assholes from whatever religion or lack there of who call you an idiot if you don't think just like them. Here and there, however, I come across some really interesting posts.
  11. Raving Sultan

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    I've gained 3 inches since i started coming here

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