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Discussion in 'Cannabis Outdoors' started by budblower10, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. budblower10

    budblower10 Member

    purple power or easy sativa outdoor? might get some feminized seeds of these varieties and i was hoping to hear someone who has had an experience with them, they are off dr. chronic... thanks
  2. rangerdanger

    rangerdanger Senior Member

    There are only a few differences between "indoor" and "outdoor" strains.

    Some indoor strains are less hardy (more delicate); they do best under optimum conditions.
    And strains that seed banks classify as "outdoor" strains may be sativa dominants, meaning they grow tall.

    When choosing an outdoor strain, the most important thing to look for is when they are ripe (or weeks of flowering). Many people live in area's where there are frosts in the fall, you wanna harvest your plants before that.

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