Has Anyone Heard Of This Group Called "jsoc" (Joint Special Operations Command)

Discussion in 'America Attacks!' started by lenini56, Aug 11, 2015.

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    I was watching a documentary about America's illegal operations called "Dirty War" and they mentioned a special forces group working directly to the US government called JSOC. Has anyone here heard of them?
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    One of the serious flaws in the US military has been the "rivalries" between branches. And this problem is as old as the nation. In the 20th century it really went into overdrive with each branch fighting the other over resources doled out by Washington. Politicians promote the "needs" of one branch over the other based entirely on where the resources will go. If not to the cronies in their state, they fight it. Even if it's a brilliant idea, it will be squashed if it doesn't serve a political or financial gain for a select few.

    When I was a sailor one of my duties as Shore Patrol. This had me dealing with drunks at the enlisted club, side by side with Marines. At first the grunts hated the squids on their detail and treated us like morons and often left us stranded at different watch posts on the base (Pearl Harbor). I did a lot of walking because of this stupid rivalry bullshit. But after saving their bacon a few times the marines finally relented and treated us as equals when they saw that we wouldn't run from a drunken brawl and that we wouldn't thrown them under the bus when they did something stupid (which happened a lot).

    They came to see that we were on the same side. But only while we were on duty. As soon as the watch was up and they were back with their buddies, we became dirty squids again.

    JSOC was initially charged with solving the ultra-stupid problem of incompatible equipment and communications between branches. There was a time when a Navy radio couldn't talk to an Army radio. This was laid bare on Grenada when a Marine had to use his personal phone to call the Navy for a strike against an insurgent position. The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is supposed to be a compromise for all of the branches. Instead it just lacks things that each would rather have while being overloaded, slow and hideously expensive.

    When I consider the technological advances in the last 30 years I am convinced we don't need 1/8th of the military forces we have now. And we darn sure don't need "military families". But that's another topic.
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    i thought everyone had
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    "Joint Special Operations Command"

    Yes, this is a good idea.

    Let's roll one up in dedication to Ashley Roachclip, of the Jefferson Hairpie. (Cheech and Chong reference.)

    May as well start with High hopes. :)
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    Post-WWII & post-Korean War, Army went into overdrive pleading its case to Congress for the elimination of the Marine Corps. Argument was USMC a redundant service.

    Pres. Eisenhower duly appalled by both Army & USMC general officers taking their turns lambasting each other, so when it came time to nominate a new CMC, he chose MajGen. David M. Shoup (MoH, Tarawa), who took no part in the proceedings & was equally repulsed, over more senior 3 & 4 stars. Many resigned/retired in disgust.

    JSOC is basically the first line of offense in the DoD forn. policy skirmish. (Major media have steadfastly ignored the 30-yr-long shift from State Dept. to DoD in matters of forn. policy.) The late Col. David M. Hackworth (USA, Ret.), a harsh critic of Army senior officers from Vietnam on, wrote that after Korea the Army was more interested in churning out 3- & 4-star diplomats than in producing 3- & 4-star battlefield commanders.
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