Has anyone ever pissed in your mouth?

Discussion in 'Gay Polls' started by oralexam69, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. oralexam69

    oralexam69 Member

  2. jnorton47

    jnorton47 Cosmic Traveler

    Not yet. I am open to the idea. And, I have pissed into my own mouth. :p
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  3. sobebella

    sobebella Member

    same as jnort :p very open to the idea :)
  4. Yes it was awesome
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  5. Acidspack

    Acidspack Member

    No, But it sounds like fun. ;p
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  6. Yes. Like many who have drank piss, I drink my own but prefer drinking other guys' piss. I have been drinking piss so long I have acquired a taste for any kind of piss (weak recycled beer piss; heavier coffee piss; dark bitter morning piss ---- its all delicious!!!!!!!!!
  7. LJDV

    LJDV Member

    Yes. One of my ex-boyfriends pissed in my mouth once. It was fucking hot! I whacked it immediately after that, because it turned me on so much. It really depends on the person's diet though, whether it'll be enjoyable or not. :cheers2: lol
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  8. standingseated

    standingseated A Back Scrubber

    Gotta say, this has happened. If I'm in the rare mood for it, it's fantastic.
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  9. standingseated

    standingseated A Back Scrubber

    You know...I never notice when going through new posts, whether one happens to be in the gay section. Oh well.
  10. jehryn

    jehryn Member

    Has never happened, but i'm open to the idea
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  11. Aesthete

    Aesthete Member

    To those who've said yes or are open to the idea, do you actually drink it once it's in your mouth, or do you spit it out? I imagine it's like cum in the mouth in that different people may have different preferences...
  12. dvdsky65

    dvdsky65 Member

    Never had it happen,but I would be open to the idea.Had an ex that asked me to pee in his mouth,and he really seemed to like it!
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  13. bf6067

    bf6067 Guest

    Yes and I fantasize about it happening again sometime!
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  14. ditto
  15. bootutu100

    bootutu100 Guest

    Yeah,several times...It usually will put me over the edge, and I'll cum.However, after I got off, I literally ran to the bathroom to wash my mouth out, wash my burning eyes...
  16. BigGirlGuy

    BigGirlGuy Member

    Yes it was an x gf, I was giving her oral and told her to relax and orgasm but she pissed instead. I was not expecting it and said oh thats piss and that made her cry, she never really got over that. :(
  17. silverhippy

    silverhippy Comfortably Numb

    Geez I never looked in here before, this is all about pee eh??

    K I'm gonna leave now.. Be cool

  18. plinker

    plinker Member

    i have pissed in my own mouth haha.
  19. Galaskan

    Galaskan Member

    Never happened. Not really into that, but I guess under the right circumstances it would be tolerable ha. I guess I am not kink enough? I dont know haha
  20. Brightonguy

    Brightonguy Member

    Yeah, and I swallow, love it.

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