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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by mirandia, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. mirandia

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    Well I'm generaly the girl that always finds something wrong with life..............
    I've really always considered myself a hippie but I'm not sure I've always known exactly what that ment. I just moved to Tallahasse Florida and I don't know anyone so that means no friends but I think I'm finially begining to accept things for what they are. I'm done rushing things that take time, and I'm also tired of focusing on only what I don't have. I was in the park today just sitting on the grass and reading drop city and listening to my mp3 player and everything just sort of clicked. I was listening to the song blister in the sun by the violent femmes and I had a moment and I had to dance. I may have looked crazy but I was happy. I really want this feeling to last. I like it and I feel free and I feel like it's ok to be alone and I feel like it's ok to just be free. Like I don't have to have the typical group of peeps I run to "hang" with every day. I'm really OK with just being by myself because I think I like myself.
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    Why did you post this twice? I replied to your other thread.

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