Discussion in 'UK Music Forum' started by all_rhodesian_reject, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. all_rhodesian_reject

    all_rhodesian_reject Sonskyn Elvis

    Thought i'd start this seeing as how the hanson conversation was taking place in "death metal"...thank you jesikhaviolet for pointing this out...anyway hanson rule, they have awesome hair and mmmbop is a classic


  2. jesikhaviolet

    jesikhaviolet Member

    mmm bop was great! i was in primary school when that came out, and everyone else HATED it - and i kept annoying them by persistently singing "mmm bop" - but i didn't actually know the words properly. i just said mmm bop and hummed bits = S but it ROCKS
  3. Ellie-Rose

    Ellie-Rose Le Muppet

    I'm suprised Joel hasnt bolted his load over this thread yet :p

    All in good time I bet
  4. kjhippielove88

    kjhippielove88 color + rhyme

    ive been a die-hard hanson fan since 3rd grade :D i still have the "middle of nowhere" cassette
  5. novarys

    novarys Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    :D omg this cracks me up!
    I used to be the biggest Hanson nerd ever when I was in 8th grade. :) tho, I was kinda embarrassed to like them so much:p haha
  6. Spyder

    Spyder La dah de dah

    no one, and i mean no one on this forum is as big a hanson fan as me....
  7. jesikhaviolet

    jesikhaviolet Member

    i don't claim to be the biggest fan, no. i'm not the biggest fan of anything. sometimes i wish i loved one band over anything so i could obsess over and focus on them. but, alas, i love too much music
  8. Lozi

    Lozi Senior Member

    i loooooveee hanson! (ah well, it's a step up from westlife!)

    i have adored hanson music writing since they all had long hair and when i was a weeun'. wowser. now they proper men. very delicious fellows. mm. yummy. i can play mmbop on the guitar now woo!
  9. Merlin

    Merlin Member

    I thought they were cool. I did have their 'Middle Of Nowhere' album once but then discarded it because I went through some kind of erm, anti-commercial music phase, and now they are to release a new album. Hmm..

    A lot of people just lumped them with other 'boy bands' but these guys are different. They all write their songs and DO play the instruments so are therefore beyond the 'boyband' definition I think.
  10. all_rhodesian_reject

    all_rhodesian_reject Sonskyn Elvis

    The fact that they cut there hair sucks massively, the music still rules though

    I have to admit that Mmmbop is the only song I know from them, but that song makes me so freaking happy, and it's so deliciously WRONG. :)
  12. all_rhodesian_reject

    all_rhodesian_reject Sonskyn Elvis

    I'M SEEING HANSON ON THE 27TH OF MARCH, this obsession should be worrying...
  13. jesikhaviolet

    jesikhaviolet Member

    and you taught me it ^_^

    where at?!?!?
  14. all_rhodesian_reject

    all_rhodesian_reject Sonskyn Elvis

  15. jesikhaviolet

    jesikhaviolet Member

  16. all_rhodesian_reject

    all_rhodesian_reject Sonskyn Elvis

    Ah cool man everyone should see Hanson at least once! I went to manchester once....
  17. Dandelion_Blood

    Dandelion_Blood Gremlin

    you know what i think is really funny, you talked about short hair sucking.. but i looked in your gallery and it seems you yourself have short hair... so whats going on there?
  18. Spyder

    Spyder La dah de dah

    hahahaha gutted
  19. Ellie-Rose

    Ellie-Rose Le Muppet

    I can just see Joel at one of those gigs all stary eyed

    Awww.. Tears running down his cheak..

  20. all_rhodesian_reject

    all_rhodesian_reject Sonskyn Elvis

    Ah my shameful hair secret

    well dude it all started many many years ago....i had long hair (past shoulders) when i was a wee un, then it got cut....now my high school is extremely up its own arse and don't let blokes have long hair....so for the past 5 yrs i've beeen fighting that issue...and i'm growing it out in my last year wooooooooooooo fuck you school!!!!!...and its getting long...and i have like what 12 weeks left? Brilliant. Gonna grow it all thru college. Ah i've missed long hair....short hair sucks so much arse

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