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Discussion in 'Potent Potables' started by Caserock, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Caserock

    Caserock Member

    What is everyone's favorite morning after cure? After many years of experimentation (and waking up thinking I was dying! ) - my solution must include:

    1/2 Bar Xanax ( helps chill you out and maybe even get some more sleep! )

    and 1 or more of the following:
    French fries
    Bloody Mary
    Meclizine ( motion sickness pill - can make you sleepy so be careful with Xanys )
    Vitamin Water
    Anti-Acid pill
    Sex ( or sometimes just an orgasm from any source )
    Hot Shower
    Massage ( if you can talk someone into it! )
    Light physical activity ( like a short walk )
    IV ( in emergency room to rehydrate you - if I only had access to one! )

    Hope that helps somebody - what are some others?

  2. real_large

    real_large Member

    Hi Caserock:

    I've read a little bit about how fighter pilots used to use their on-board oxygen when they had hangovers. They said it was the only real "cure." When your body is breaking down alcohol, it uses oxygen to rip apart the alcohol molecules so your body can get rid of them. (I can attest to this, because with really bad hangovers I often feel like I'm breathing hard, out of breath).
    If you can get a lot of oxygen into your system (you mentioned exercise and sex -- both will help), you're body will break down the alcohol faster.
    I've tried in the past to find some oxygen to suck on for hangovers, to no avail. I'd love to try it sometime.

    Like you, I've tried long tired lists of "cures." The salt and the electrolytes and the sugar and the vitamins you mentioned all help get you back into balance (your body loses a lot from a good drunk) but until the alcohol is gone, you'll feel like shit.

    But maybe hangovers are good. If I weren't punished, I'd probably drink much!
  3. Caserock

    Caserock Member

    Yeah - when you find that O2 - let me know!
  4. real_large

    real_large Member

    Weird thing is, I think you have to have a prescription to get O2. A prescription for AIR. How's that for capitalism.
  5. Caserock

    Caserock Member

    It's like those stupid Oxygen Bars that you pay to sit at and breathe....People walk away like: "Oh I feel so much better and healthier..." BS!
  6. real_large

    real_large Member

    So, Caserock, I guess we just suck it up, have a bloody mary, and start drinking again.

    Hangovers: Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow.
  7. Caserock

    Caserock Member

    I like it! Cheers :)
  8. sam&ella

    sam&ella Member

    scrambled eggs with hot sauce and ketchup, followed by a scuba dive...works every single time down here.
  9. real_large

    real_large Member

    Killin' me, Sam! I just sat down at my computer from eating scrambled eggs with ketchup and hot sauce (I went habanero this time -- kicked it up a notch) ...

    I'm now ready for the trifecta: My ass, my couch, college hoops.
  10. ghost of rat

    ghost of rat Senior Member

    -Green tea- detox + caffeine
    -marmite/vegemite toast ( dont know if you have that in america, more of a brittish thing)- has lots of vitamin b, which you loose when you drink alc.
    -Hot shower
    -one toke of cannabis
  11. johndoe000

    johndoe000 Member

    alot of gatorade or water and a couple advil
  12. salmon4me

    salmon4me Senior Member

    Drink water non-stop until you piss twice in 45 minutes. Two meals minimum. Good to go.
  13. kil0

    kil0 The Rebel

    definitely weed or more alcohol. But weed always does the trick for me. Last last new years eve, not 2008 but 2007, i was locked up for new years 2008 =( , i drank so much alcohol i blacked out. woke up like 12 hours later with the worst hangover of my life. it was one of those i feel like dying hangovers, but sure enough some hits of some very potent chronic made me feel much better.
  14. Megadeth

    Megadeth Member

    All you need is one glass of water before you pass out and no hang over
  15. BillyX

    BillyX Member

    lots of greasy food does the trick for me, some kfc or something like that :p
  16. fondfarewell

    fondfarewell Member

    Yeah just drink plenty of water while your drinking. Always works for me.
  17. polecat

    polecat Weerd

    Hair of the Dog....
  18. maddhatter

    maddhatter Senior Member

    going for a walk usually helps. staying inside just makes it worse i find.
  19. navajas

    navajas Member

    i always force myself to drink 2 liters of water b4 i got to bed, works like magic. yesterday i drank 1 liter of rum, when i got back home i drank 3 liters of water, woke up 2 day feelin great. i usually eat yogurt, honey and a banana b4 drinkin too. yogurt coats ur stomach n has good bacteria for digestion, honey gives u sufficient energy b4 u drink, bananas have some essential vitamins that get depleted when u drink, i read this in a magazine sumwhere.
  20. yeah...i dont get why anyone didnt say that. i always chug a bunch of water before i pass out and i usually feel pretty good in the morning. only problem is when ur soooo drunk u just pass the fuck out without drinkin water haha.

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