Hanging Scented Potpourri Ball

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    Two piece plastic ball with holes at the top



    Silk flower scraps


    Rubber band


    Take your plastic ball half and fill it with potpourri. Attach the other half of the ball.

    Now you can either crochet your doily or buy one ready made. I bought mine for 3 for a dollar. Lay the doily flat, and with the bottom of the plastic ball, lay the seam of the ball on the center of the doily. Bring up all the sides, pleating smoothly and tightly as you can . Wrap a rubber band around the top.

    Now take some silk flowers with green leaves attached and glue them around the rubber band. If you're not going to glue the flowers all around, you can glue some ribbon around the rubber band so it will hide the rubber band and just glue a bow to the front neck and then glue some silks to the center of the bow. It looks very pretty that way too.

    Now make a six loop bow and glue it to the center bottom of the ball. Glue the matching silk flowers in the center of the bottom bow.

    Attach some pretty crochet thread that matches your doily and draw it thru the small eye hole at the top of the ball. And Enjoy !

    The holes in the ball make it easy to refresh the potpourri when it loses its scent; simply add a few drops of essential oil in the holes.

    Suggestion: When giving the hanging scented potpourri ball as a gift for Mother's Day, add a bottle of essential oil with a glass eye dropper.

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