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  1. does anyone else have hair on there chest..? im sort of embarassed about it, sometimes tend to pull it out, but i was just wondering its a normal thing? i wish it would go away
  2. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    yes all humans have hair everywhere its just a matter of how course or noticable oit may be....and if you obsess over it its alot more you
    but every person alive has at least some ultra fine hair thats so fine youd need a microscope to see it
    now if were talking about thick hairs several inches long it could be a hormonal or genetic condition, or ummm..i forget what its called, but theres a condition that generaly includes ovarian cysts and increaesed hairyness (and often weight issues too)

    is it noticable from a distance?
    or is it something yhat youd only notice from a few inches away?
  3. myself

    myself just me

    I don't have any hair on my chest. I do however have very short and tiny blond hair on my belly... I get rid of it usually.
  4. PeaceItOut

    PeaceItOut Member

    it is simply a hormonal balance (probably), if it bothers you, pluck it out (dont shave it..that could get bad). I get a few black hairs on my chin/jaw line. It's embarrasing and i am super self concious about it, i know where you are coming from.
    just tweeze away girlie :)...if that's what you want to do. if you want to leave it there, and somebody judges you...well they are not important enough to talk to a good person like you, so don't even worry about it chica.
  5. nynysuts

    nynysuts No Gods, No Masters

    You referring to polycystic ovary syndrome SE?

    Everyone has heair on their chest, just some of us have darker hair than others and it shows.
  6. I have a happy trail. It's really dark in between my boobs and around my belly button. I also get a few really dark, really thick hairs under my chin that require plucking. I'm pretty sure it's normal. I think it's more noticiable depending on your hair color.
  7. aeshna5

    aeshna5 Member

    Happy trails are really sexy, though I can understand you plucking the chin hairs!
  8. mamaKCita

    mamaKCita fucking stupid.

    when i was pregnant i had really long hairs growing around my nipples. but a genetic background pretty much keeps all body hair pretty nonexistant (except on the head) in all the males and females in my family. you don't see many native americans with a great deal of body or facial hair. i wouldn't think it's all that much a big deal, unless it just showed up in a huge way all of a sudden. i might have my doc run a blood screening on me and make sure everything is running as it should.
  9. wally m

    wally m 14

    my wife has a few around her nipples, they get quite long if she lets them grow
  10. scatteredleaves

    scatteredleaves Smelly Hobo

    i get a few dark hairs growing around my nipples. its quite normal if its just a few. if you have a lot of it, i could be a hormonal imbalance and you should ask your doctor about it.
    i just pluck mine after i shower. its the only body hair i remove lol
  11. nuttbakedgirl

    nuttbakedgirl Member

    That isn't hair you're seeing: it's spiders, and plenty of 'em.
  12. when did you first notice the hair? could be due to several different things. hormones, genetics are most likely. if you are going through menopause or are pregnant then this may be the cause. pulling the hairs out will tend to make them become deeper and coarser. if this hair is really bothering you then perhaps look at permanent hair removal such as IPL or electrolysis.

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