Hair - what should i do?

Discussion in 'Fashion and Crafts' started by stl_liberal, May 19, 2004.


What should I do?

  1. Leave it all.

    0 vote(s)
  2. Cut it wild and dye it.

    16 vote(s)
  3. Go really short!

    5 vote(s)
  4. Just a trim, simple things.

    2 vote(s)
  5. Shave it off and surprise everyone!

    9 vote(s)
  1. stl_liberal

    stl_liberal Member

    deleted deleted
  2. stl_liberal

    stl_liberal Member

    Please, anyone, say anything, I don't care, i'm desperate!
  3. stl_liberal

    stl_liberal Member

    Someone voted, if you guys are out there please say something.

    TARABELLE on the road less traveled

    I think if you can get your hair that long (I can't) it would be a shame to cut it, but it's your hair. Do what you want, it will grow back if you hate it.
  5. stl_liberal

    stl_liberal Member

    just thougt a change might be cool, and it seem a big one would make it a big surprise.
  6. stl_liberal

    stl_liberal Member

    yay, another person voted.
    so, wild and crazy you say? what were you thinking?
  7. stl_liberal

    stl_liberal Member

    i have a little more to add to this.
    1. what would you do if you were me?
    2. do you like girls w/long hair?
    3. how short would you go?
  8. stl_liberal

    stl_liberal Member

    come on guys, please give me some ideas, i dont care how strange they are.
  9. wastingthedawn

    wastingthedawn *~Pure Light~*

    since it's really long you could style it in really excentric ways...Like princess leia in star wars
  10. stl_liberal

    stl_liberal Member

    then itd just be weird.
  11. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~

    i'm wondering if people are jealous of your long locks. you could probably do something to it to get rid of the static. apply some product or do a non-coloured henna treatment, or do an oil pack on it or something like that.
  12. nightmarehippygirl

    nightmarehippygirl LEVI'S MOMMY

    i say leave it alone, but that's just me. i cut my long hair off, then repeatedly bleached and dyed it, then shaved it off. i looked like i had cancer for about 6 months. it was definately bad judgement on my part.

    when i finally ever get my hair long again, i'm leaving it the hell alone. if i need to, i'll post a picture on the fridge of me nearly bald to remind

    you say you have issues with frizz...put some shine serum on it and flat iron it. that should give you a different look.

    someone suggested henna- be careful. henna cannot be easily removed after you put it on, and if you have henna treated hair, be sure to tell your stylist, as certain chemicals mixed with henna=melted hair.
  13. sugrmag

    sugrmag Uber Nerd

    I have crazy curly but not super curly hair. It frizzes very easily and when I grow it out, it is so thick and heavy, it weighs down so much it looks like a grown out perm (EEK!!) I always have let it grow out long, then get pissed off and cut it all off in a fury. Last year it was down to halfway between my shoulders and elbows, and my daughter was at the "I love to pull hair" stage. I finally ran into the bathroom and cut it SUPER short. It is finally grown back out long enough to get crazy curly again. I'm trying to let it back out, but I fear I will cut again. Anyway, cut it! Go crazy! You're young enough where your hair is not too proccessed, I'm sure. It'll grow back!
  14. I say cut it a wee bit, maybe to about 4 inches past your shoulders? Then you can see if you like it being cut or not. You can then either cut it even shorter, or grow it back if you don't like it.
  15. day_tripper77

    day_tripper77 Member

    if you end up cutting it, cut at least 12 inches off so you can donate it to a place that makes wigs for cancer patients... if i can manage to not break down and cut my hair, thats what im gonna do... of course, i've got a long way to go - its just now between my jawline and shoulders, and i want to cut it all off again sooo bad because its starting to get hot.. eh, at least its finally long enough to put in a pony tail...
  16. Sus

    Sus Hip Forums Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    What I"ve done in similar circumstances is go slow...a trim at first, then a little more the next time. It depends somewhat on how you think you might react to seeing your hair entirely different when it is cut. It only takes a few minutes to cut hair, and can take a long time to growit back out. Of course, I tend to be ultra careful about such things...a lot of your decision depends on what personality is like.

    Good luck with whatever you do!
  17. How can we give advcie on that without knowing how you look...?
  18. mjoda

    mjoda Member

    I used to have reaaaalllly long blonde hair, and last year I cut it just past my shoulders...i loved it. I was all layered and choppy looking, and I got bangs - I absolutley loved it. It feels so good to cut your hair, but it's so hard to get the courage! Do whatever feels right, I woudn't suggest going REALLY short, try something cute and fun, that will be easy to grow back if you don't like it. Right now, I've grown my bangs out a bit and I have this side swoopy thing going on and it looks great!
    Have fun and remember -- it's just hair, and it will always grow back!
  19. serra

    serra tentacle girl

    ok, yay, shocking hair changes woo!

    ok. so what would be really really fun is get it cut off short. like super short. like pixie cut spikey short, and dye it purple. just do something really wacked, and it will be super fun to walk around - i bet people won't even recognize you!

    i have done stuff like that a few times and it's always really fun. if you have an online pic it would be good for you to post it- then we can see what else might look cool!

  20. oh my god, i love your sig picture so much! I am so overly in love with Keith Moon! wow, I will try and add to your reputation straight away as a sign of my respect x x x

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