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  1. 1. Nichelle nichols was not only a villian in an issac hayes detective movie (which isn't shaft but is related to the storyline in a very odd way) but she was a madame\pimptress
    2. nichelle nichols was uhura in star trek TOS
    3. isaac hayes is wicked cool
    4. this movie has some wierd directing and cinematography
    5. it was filmed a lot out of sequence because you see a guy hiding behind a car and in the big chase scene earliar in the movie the car is totaled
    6. probably the only reasons I'm watching this movie are uhura and I'm sick
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    sounds like you're having fun.
  3. I'm starting to get dizzy from the dehydration from generating all this mucus, it really sucks, and if I drink more I'll just get more mucusy and feel shittier, so I'm thinking I'll just wake up tomorrow with a phlegm induced hangover

    or I'll have a seizure in the night and perhaps drown in my own blood and phlegm.....

    either way, nichell nichols looks okay in hot pants.....
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    soulrebel51 i's a folkie.

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    please dont die, the world needs you. :(
  5. no it doesn't another will take my place....

    they fucked up a 1964.5 mustang.... it's sad....

    very sad...

    that was the first model "year" of the mustang.....

    funny thing about this movie is, no choice but for the black guy to die first, all the characters are black..... well all the characters who might die anyway.....

    the british are responsible for polyester......
  6. the instrument cluster on his car is in the middle, not over the steering wheel....


    saturn ions are like that too.....
  7. I wonder how much money pbs could make selling ad space between their shows, right now in my area they do 2 membership drives a year, I know they couldn't cut it down to one, but maybe they could cut down on the repetitive nature of the special features they air during the membership drives

    or at least cut down on airings of antique roadshow

    I fucking hate that show

    all those materialistic fucks clapping with glee ready to sell grannies wedding ring because it's worth more than their honour......
  8. horses are cute.....
  9. there is a thing on the vietnam war on pbs...... there are marines smoking lucky strikes and uh1 helicoptors......
  10. people assume I know nothing about guns because I'm not a conservative.....

    that is funny and stupid.......
  11. people think I'm not 18


    I was born on january 8 1987,

    my sister is 20, my parents are bloody old

    why would you think I'm not 18?

    and further if people think I post older than I state then why will no one believe I am a particularly smart 18 year old?

    cause shit that is the condition, are people so jaded to this foul beast of the internet that one is loate to believe the truth anymore?

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